Happiness = Having Piles of Laundry

austin laughing in the snow-1

It is 9:30pm and my day is finally winding down.  My kitchen counter is still covered with dishes (despite doing four loads today).  I have laundry, some folded waiting to be put away and a load still needing to be in the dryer.  I have papers, ah the piles of papers still waiting to be…

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Kids heart shape fish activity printable

Kid’s Heart Shape Fish Printable Activity

We haven’t been doing many art projects as of late with the kids and they asked if we could make another shape animal.  Austin and Addie both have gotten very good at role-playing.  They can play for hours creating stories to go along with our creations. While watching TV the other night I put together a…

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homemade cinnamon coffee cake muffins crumble topping title

Coffee Cake Dairy Free Muffin Recipe

Muffins are one of the often requested items at breakfast time in our house.  The kids have their favorites and will occasionally ask for something different.  Austin usually requests vanilla cupcakes (a.k.a. muffins).  When we sat down to make our meal plan for February he requested cinnamon muffins.  He said, you know they kind you…

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