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A Very Green Back to School Giveaway #GreenSchool


Welcome to A Very Green Back to School Giveaway Hop hosted by Simple City Life and Mommy’s Favorite Things. We have teamed up with several other bloggers to bring you some great back to school items to help you green up you childs back pack. Each  blog will have a unique prize valued at $20 or more!

You will find the entire list of giveaways at the bottom of this post. Once you have entered my giveaway have fun hopping around and entering all the great giveaways.

We are also excited to have a Grand Prize Giveaway sponsored by The Ultimate Green Store. One winner will receive A Very Green Back to School Bundle- everything things you need including the Backpack. You can enter the Grand Prize Giveaway here.
The Ultimate Green Store | Back to School Giveaway!

Here at the Frugal Greenish Mama, one winner will head back to school with:

A prize pack of goodies from Newman’s Own-read my review here

$25 Gift Code to Laptop Lunches-read my review on my Bento Box here

Reusable Lunch Package from EcoBags-Review Coming Soon!

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33 thoughts on “A Very Green Back to School Giveaway #GreenSchool

  1. Watching how excited my dd has been all day about starting preschool tomorrow! She is so excited she has been counting down the days since Thursday when we met her teacher. So today she told me “Mommy I have 0 days left until I start school”. It was so cute!

  2. I just smiled when you cared enough to ask what made me smile! That may sound silly, but I think it’s great when people extend simple kindnesses about the simple things life has to offer…like a smile!

    1. Thanks Jayne! I love to see what makes people smile. Usually it is the smallest things but it is a nice insight into my readers lives and I love that!

    1. I sure that was a day full of emotions! Happiness for the milestone and a little bit of sadness that they are getting big enough to be away!

  3. We found a dead robin on our porch and my 4 year old said, “Oh, mommy. That was my friend. I named him Batman.” It was not the dead bird or my son’s perceived loss of a “friend” that made me smile, but the irony that of all the super heroes my son likes, he would name a robin, Batman.

  4. I asked my 3 year son if he wanted a baby brother or a baby sister. He said brother, then he said sister, then he said, “Oh. I think maybe two of them.”

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