About Me

Hi, I’m Amanda!

Country girl at heart, wife, mama, daughter, sister, aunt (mimi).  Mess maker. Ponytail wearer. Lover of dark chocolate.  List maker.  Glue gun lover.


Clueless is an understatement when it comes to describing my entrance in the blogging world in 2010.  I began as an outlet to journal, cope, and share my thoughts.  I didn’t really expect anyone to read, I didn’t really expect to make any money, really I had few expectations.  The Frugal Greenish Mama became more than I ever imagined but along the way I lost my voice and the real passion for why I started blogging.

Blogging has been a journey.  Not all journeys have an easy route.  I have found taking the road less traveled can lead to finding unexpected beauty.  Blogging has taught me to be true to myself, my beliefs and my goals.


I am a wife of eleven years to a wonderful man and father.  Through our journey together we have been blessed with three children; Austin (2008), Addie (2009) and our bonus baby Bethany (2013).  I can’t imagine living a single day without their smiles!  There is nothing like seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

We are striving to live a full, simple life the way that God intended us to live.  We are wannabe homesteaders, with a dream of living a full, simple life.

My Passions

I love to garden and watch things grow.  Crafting is my creative outlet, especially when I can repurpose or upcycle items.  It is amazing just how fulfilling it is to give something a new life!  The problem is, where do you find the time?  I love to cook & bake from scratch…and eat, yes eating is a fine art I feel I have mastered quite well.

My true loves are my beautiful blessings.  I love spending time with my family and watching my children make new discoveries each and everyday.  It has always been my heart’s desire is to be a stay at home mom so that I don’t miss anything!  (Afterall that is how God intended it to be).  Through blogging I have been able to make that a reality.

Natural Living

Our journey down a more natural/organic lifestyle began about 5 years ago when my husband began his struggle with a rare blood disease.  HIs oncologist encouraged us to start looking into some of the chemicals we used in our home.  They do not know what causes Bryan’s disorder but we started eliminating cleaning products and started adding organic foods into our diet as we could.  Countless medications and 2 rounds of chemo later, our family has made many changes.  It really is a continued effort.  That is when The Frugal Greenish Mama (the blog) was formed.


We started talking about homeschooling long before it was time to start school.  Each family that makes the decision to homeschool has their reasons, but for us it was just a good fit.  We dove head first into our homeschooling adventure the very week Miss Bethany was born, literally!  It has been an adventure in so many ways but to see that spark ignite when the connection is made is priceless, worth every moment of struggle.  This year we will officially have two in school.  Their passion for learning keeps me inspired.

Traveling & Home

We love traveling and seeing new places, as well as old favorites (WALT DISNEY WORLD).  My children, even though young, love to travel and have high hopes of traveling the world!

I was born in Arkansas and having lived in four states, I returned back to Arkansas in 2004 with my husband to once again call it home.  Our roots have since grown deep.  While we love traveling the states, we plan to really explore this beautiful state we call home.


Time is precious and is fleeting, there is often not enough.  To that I wish to say an earnest Thank-you!  Thank-you for taking a few minutes of your day to stop by to chat with me or simply read about our homemade life.  I hope these tidbits give you a little glimpse into my life and the one who is behind the blog.

Life is a journey.  Make the most of each and everyday you are given!


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