May 2014 Goals

goals 052014

Can you believe it is already May?  Although we have been struck with storms, it seems that our days are becoming warmer, the pollen thicker and the grass greener!  Last month the tulips and daffodils were in full bloom.  Their beauty is something we are often taken back by, truly something so delicate but so resilient. While… 

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Just Begin : April 2014 Goals


One day last week Bryan said to me, “I am not sure which way is up or which is down right now.”  That sums up most of my month of March. March was a busy month and then we just happen to come down with a rather vicious and need I say relentless stomach bug.  It… 

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Begin Anywhere, Just BEGIN!

goals 032014

That is going to be my new outlook on life: Begin Anywhere, Just BEGIN! Life is full of the unexpected and uncertainty.  We may have plans and we think we plan for the unexpected, but truly, we have to just learn to roll with whatever life throws our way. With the start of 2013 and… 

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12 DIY Projects for 2014

So, we are already three weeks into 2014, can you believe it?  Where have the days gone?  When I started sewing and crafting more while I was pregnant with Bethany it felt great!  I have always loved crafting and I truly forgot just how much.  It is such a great outlet for me to escape… 

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Blogging Goals and a Thank You

bethany (1 of 1)

I want to thank REPREVE for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to #TurnItGreen This past year of 2013 has forever changed my life.  I remember this time last year sitting down to type out my goals for 2013 and I had so many of them.  Little did I know that not one of them… 

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