Need Creative Ideas for Healthy, Quick Lunches?

When that first growl of my stomach emerges around 11:30am my brain starts to think of what we have in the fridge other than just sandwiches. I enjoy an occasional sandwich, but just like my Mother I am not one who enjoys a sandwich for lunch every day. It makes me happy to have leftovers…

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Sustainable Heirloom Flavors with Alter Eco Foods #ngfoodie

AlterEgo Logo

Alter Eco is a name you may not have heard of before.  Let me be the one to personally introduce you.  Alter Eco is a sustainably focused company that offers Quinoa, Sugar, Chocolate and Rice representing some of the finest of the world’s sustainably sourced flavors. As a company they are focused on sustainable sourced heirloom…

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What is Your Take on Non-Stick Cookware?

Over the past few months I have had the privilege to try out a couple of different Teflon alternatives.  I haven’t used Teflon pans since I first married.  Are they convenient?  Yes.  Do they work as a non-stick pan?  Yes and very well I might add.  The problem not whether or not it performs, it…

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