Preserving: Freezing Broccoli

blanching broccoli

Have you ever grown broccoli?  It is so delicious!  Although the last few years I have not had success since our weather has been wacky, I am yet again going to try to grow broccoli this fall.  As a child I remember asking every day if it were ready to be picked. There is nothing…

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Preserving & Canning: Freezing Spinach

Washing Spinach

When I think about spinach I always think of Popeye.  Not that I watched it much growing up, but my I remember my Papaw did (he is a big kid).  Anyways, Spinach is a green that is so good for us.  Despite it’s rather small size, it is extremely nutrient rich!  This leafy green is…

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Canning & Preserving: Canning Corn

canning corn

Now if my children had their say, all the corn we eat would be corn on the cob!  Both my children have always loved corn on the  cob!  The truth is, I have limited freezer space and although I did freeze about three dozen ears of corn, I had 12 dozen ears of corn and…

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Canning & Preserving: Canning Tomatoes

Home grown tomatoes

This year I had envisioned growing enough tomatoes to be able to put up my own for the winter.  Well, needless to say with the drought, extreme heat and lack of pollination that didn’t happen for me and many others here inArkansas.  Even some of the large farmers from the farmer’s market have said when…

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Canning & Preserving: How to Can Green Beans

home canned green beans

To be honest, I really prefer canned green beans over frozen green beans.  Many may not share my opinions but it is just that, my own.  This year I had the privilege to can a nice amount of green beans.  With green beans, since they are a low acidic vegetable they need to be preserved in…

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