Composting 101: Five Different Ways to Compost


While this is not an inclusive list, it does give you a few different ways to create compost to feed your garden soil. Vermicomposting This is composting with worms and will produce rich, fertile compost that will let your garden thrive!  You don’t have to have something fancy to make worm composting work for you. …

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Composting 101: What is Green & Brown?


Photo Credit: When you look at composting articles or books they use the terms “green” and “brown” compost items. What exacly do they mean? The end result of compost is your garden’s gold-it is what feeds the soil life, the worms and microbes then do the actual work of turning your waste into dark,…

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Composting 101: What are the Benefits to Composting?

Garbage to Compost

What are the Benefits of Composting? The answer to that question is fairly simple: it is good for your garden and also the environment! Benefits to Your Garden Compost is one of nature’s best mulches and soil amendments, and you can use it instead of commercial synthetic fertilizers.  Using compost improves soil structure and aeration…

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Composting 101: What is Compost?

woods floor

What is Compost? The reality is, that for many of us that have grown up gardening or on a small farm, composting has always been part of our lives.  For others, it may be a newer idea. Composting is simply the breakdown of decomposed organic material. The sad reality is about a third of the…

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