Plastic Free: Naked (Plain) Gluten Free Granola Recipe

Plastic Free Granola by the Jar

One of our family’s basic foods is homemade gluten free granola. A perfect snack, breakfast cereal or yogurt addition. I’ve been making it for over 10 years. The recipe recently went under a Gluten Free renovation out of necessity but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t delicious!  You can make so many variations with this… 

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Plastic Free: Gluten and Soy Free Naked Muffins Recipe

Gluten Free Naked Muffins

With our recent diagnosis requiring a gluten & soy free diet, I began to rely on pre-made GF convenience foods like Whole Foods GF blueberry muffins. I had always baked from scratch our food but was now overwhelmed with the idea of learning to bake entirely gluten-free. Several months later, I’ve now experimented with all… 

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May is National Celiac Awareness Month


If you haven’t had someone in your life affected with a food allergy, you don’t exactly understand that it really affects every aspect of life.  I truly did not understand it, until we discovered that my daughter who was nursing had a dairy allergy (different then gluten, but still very much a challenge).  She was… 

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Udi’s is Giving Away 10 Holiday Essential Kits Per Day!

Joy Mission

Udi’s is on a mission to share the joy of gluten free foods this season. Each day from November 7th through November 30th, Udi’s will be giving away 10 Udi’s Holiday Essential Kits per day. This kit includes: 1 Reusable Shopping Bag for holiday groceries 1 Gluten Freedom t-shirt to wear while baking 1 Package… 

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