New Year, New You: Making Small Changes


Last week I shared a few of the obstacles that are standing in my way of my weight loss goals.  There are many obstacles that are standing in my way for so many other things that I want to whip into place this year.  What about my blogging?  Well we are beginning week 3 of…

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New Year, New You: Obstacles

Road Block Obstacles

I think if you ask most Mothers, really anyone, they want to be fit and in shape.  Most of us deep down, really want to be healthy. Many of us have tried, multiple times to get in shape, to get fit but have fallen off the wagon.   Why?  Why is it, even if we eat…

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Week Loss Challenge-Week 1

Well, it has been a week since I started the SimmWorks weight loss challenge with a few fellow bloggers in hopes to help keep me accountable to loose some weight before we head to Florida in August.  How did I do?  Not great but it wasn’t the worst I could have done either. Here is…

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Simmworks Weight Loss Challenge

At the beginning of the year one of my goals was to loose 15 pounds this year.  So far I haven’t.  Period.  When a fellow Noise Girl blogger asked if anyone wanted to join her in her weight loss challenge I decided it would be great for me.  I do so much better with accountability…

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