My Pantry: Dairy & Freezer-Week 4

My Freezzer

Although I really enjoy getting local raw milk, it has been a little hard to find without driving over an hour.  I get it when it is at all possible if not I purchase organic milk at the local grocery store.  I have made our butter with fresh cream and it is yummy!  I also…

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Sharing My Pantry-Week 3

Pantry Pic

While I don’t personally consider it to be practical to stock years worth of food, I do like to know that I can feed my family beyond this week or next.  I also love the fact that I am truly able to purchase items when they are usually on sale at their lowest price, not…

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A Look Into My Pantry-Part 2

My baking cup board goodies!

Last week I started to share with you why I try to have some basic necessities on hand.  I wouldn’t suggest just heading out and making large purchases to stock your shelves.  The key to making the most of your money is when something is at rock bottom prices, purchase what you can (within reason)…

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My Pantry-What I Keep Instock

This is an actual photo of one of my cupboards in my kitchen.

Over the last few months I have shared our families eating journey, like the one that we finished with Keeper of the Home where we attempted to make most or our meals from our pantry as well as how we eat mainly whole foods and keep the cost down.  So I tought over the two…

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