Taking on Disney, Solo with Children

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A year ago if you would have asked me if I would have considered taking my three children to Disney World solo, I would have laughed. Not the lighthearted laughter but the deep laughter that comes from deep within. Then, I would have asked you, “Are you crazy?” Fast forward to this year and I… 

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Visiting Typhoon Lagoon With Toddlers

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I couldn’t have been more excited for Disney to host our trip to Typhoon Lagoon. Thank-you Disney!  All opinions about our experiences are 100% our own. Have you ever ordered a Disney Parks planning DVD?  They are great to explain about some of the features of the parks, resorts and even cruises.  My children watched… 

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DisneySMMoms On the Road in Chicago

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It was two years ago when I first saw a mention of the hashtag #DisneySMMoms.  After following along some during the last day of the event, I was so excited to read over Tésa’s experiences she shared on her blog.  It sounded like such an amazing experience!  A part blogging conference, part family vacation and all sprinkled… 

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Walt Disney World Through Our Eyes and WDW’s Sustainability Focus

Magic kingdom castle

Although my children had been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the summer of 2011, they had not truly had a Disney experience yet.  That day was mainly about seeing the animals and  a little healing for a Mama.  While the kids had a blast with the animals, Addie was not 2 and Austin was only… 

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