How to Make Your Own Paper

making homemade paper

What better way to celebrate Earth Month than with some fun to teach the children how we can reuse and the simple process of making paper.  My children are still young at three and five but I thought this would be a good time to reinforce to them where paper comes from and why we… 

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Simply Homemade: Upcycled Twig Candle Holder


Art time is one of our favorites in our home!  My children love to craft and do anything hands on.  I love that they really take pride in being able to make something.  Right now Austin loves candles.  He is afraid of fire but loves the colors.  I think he gets that from his Mama,… 

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Upcycled Glass Jar Pincushion Tutorial

Upcycled Jar Pin cushion

I love to try to reuse and upcycle!  Although recycling is great, upcycling is even better.  I saw a photo of a picture of glass jar with a pincushion on the top and thought it was such a cute idea.  I have loads of glass jars lying around and with left-over pieces of my HoneyBeGood… 

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Turn a Man’s Neck Tie into an Up-Cycled Child’s Bow Tie

Austin's Bow tie

My little man has been asking for a bow tie for months.  It was on my 2012 to-do list and I am happy to report I can cross that one off my list!  Of course it was my first one and I will make a few adjustments with the second one.   I think it… 

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