DIY Peony Flower Headband or Hair Clip

Peony Flowers My little Miss Addie loves large flower bows right now.  She loves clothing and color and more than anything loves to pick out her own clothing!

When I told her we were going to start working on several girly projects she immediately became excited!   I have seen several homemade flower bows that were beyond adorable so we started experimenting to make some for cute hair pieces for Addie.

We headed to pick out some chiffon and lace (although in these we didn’t use the lace).  The first color Addie asked for was of course, PINK!

Peony 3

To make these adorable flowers you will need:

  • Two or more colors of fabric
  • Quarter size circle piece of felt
  • Buttons, Pearl or Rhinestone to embellish the center of your flower
  • Nickel size piece of felt
  • A candle
  • Needle & Thread or Glue

DIY Flower Headband or Hair Clip

For each flower, you will need to cut two-4″, 3″ and 2″ squares.

Peony Flower 3

You can do one of each but the flower will not be as full.  If you want larger flowers just adjust the size up an inch, if you want smaller flowers then adjust the size down an inch.  I alternated two colors and textures but you can do whatever suits you.

Peony Flower 1

I then folded them in half and in half again and trimmed the edges down to be more circular shape.

Peony Flower 2

Now you will want to crinkle the edges by holding them slightly above the heat of the candle.  Be very careful not to light your fabric on fire or burn yourself.

Peony Flower 4

This literally takes a moment to curl the edges but you may be more comfortable doing this with tweezers.

Peony Flower 6

Start to stack them with the largest pieces on the bottom to the smallest in the center.

Peony Flower 7

Embellish the center with your choice.  If you are sewing on a button or pearl, sew through all the layers to attach.  If you are gluing on a rhinestone, stitch the center of all the pieces of fabric first.  Place a small piece of felt, either a square or circle on the back to help secure the stitching.

Peony Flower 8

You can now attach the flower to a headband by stitching it on directly or adding a quarter size circle of felt onto the back of the flower and gluing it to a hair clip.

These are super cute and would be adorable as a brooch, or even as a corsage!  They take just a few minutes to make and are completely adorable!

Peony flower single

Addie loved wearing them right away, so now time to make them in a rainbow of colors!

Peony 1

Peony 2

Can you see one of these adorable flowers on your little one?


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    These are absolutely precious! And I know Molly would love some purple and pink ones. I’m going to have to bust out the crafting supplies!

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