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Indulging With a Cause-Endangered Species Chocolate @ESC_Chocolate #ngfoodie

Who doesn’t love to indulge with chocolate? For some of us it is more often than others but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love chocolate. My daughter shares my love of chocolate, a little too much! If you have been purchasing your chocolate only from the supermarket, you are truly missing out. I am here to tell you, not all chocolates are created equal!

When I enjoy Endangered Species chocolate, not only am I enjoying superb chocolate but I also can have a good conscience knowing I am supporting a great cause.

Ethically Traded-100% Ethically Traded. All Endangered Species cacao is purchased from small family owned properties, helping to sustain the habitats and communities in which they exist. With your purchase you can help support sustainable forest farmland and the species that flourish there. Being ethically traded all farmers have humane working conditions and receive a fair price for their cacao.

Environmental Practices-10% of net profits are donated to help support species, habitat and humanity. Endangered Species Chocolate partners with nonprofit organizations that are committed to protecting wildlife and wild places. As if you need an excuse, with each chocolate purchase you help to support conservation efforts worldwide.

Endangered Species’ Story

They were founded in 1993 in effort to spread awareness and to make an impact on the growing number of plant and animal species that are disappearing from Earth. Since the company began the mission has grown to embrace a new definition of “endangered” – that all species, habitat and humanity are endangered on our planet, not just animals on a list. 10% of all their net profits are donated to help support species, habitat and humanity.

Endangered Species Mission is to:

To have a positive impact on Earth’s species, habitat and humanity by providing resources through the creation, manufacture and sale of delicious, premium, ethically traded, natural, gluten-free, vegan and kosher certified chocolate products.

We had the privilege to try out their dark chocolate with almonds & cranberries, dark chocolate with forest mint, bug bites organic dark chocolate and the all natural dark chocolate treats.

I am a dark chocolate fan. The bittersweet dark chocolate is amazing, rich, smooth, decadent with a bite. If you are looking for a truly special treat to share, right now their “Treats” packages are the perfect size to share. The “Treats” and the “Bug Bites” are both individually wrapped. The “Bug Bites” even include a bug square with photo and fun bug facts!

Get Your Own Endangered Species Chocolate

You can visit the Endangered Species site to order their products online or learn more about their amazing causes they support! Be sure to connect with the sustainable team that is behind Endangered Species Chocolate on Facebook and Twitter!

Win Endangered Species Chocolate!

I am so excited that Endangered Species Chocolate will be one of the sponsors in the upcoming Noise Girls Fall Foodie Event beginning on October 1st. Be sure you come back to enter as there will be great prize packages full of yummy goodies!


I received the above products to review. All opinions expressed are, as always 100% my own and those of my family.

30 thoughts on “Indulging With a Cause-Endangered Species Chocolate @ESC_Chocolate #ngfoodie

  1. I love they began this company by spreading awareness and to make an impact on the growing number of plant and animal species that are disappearing from Earth 🙂

  2. Omg wow all these brands of foods I have never heard of before! MMMMMM This chocolate looks SO good. Dark chocolate with cranberries and almonds omg that’s heaven.

  3. your packaging is beautiful!! these would probably sell very well at a zoo gift shop!! i love the fact that part of the money goes toward saving the animals!! the chocolate looks awesome too!! ill be back to buy some!!
    🙂 THANKS!! 🙂
    anne l

  4. What a worthy mission this company has. It’s so sad to think that one day some species will no longer exist but I’m happy to read about companies that support steps to save them. This chocolate sounds yummy to this chocoholic!

  5. I would love this, and that they are generous on top of it is as important as great chocolate. I plan to buy some soon!

  6. Thank you for an article introducing me to a company truing to help small farms through the fair trade purchasing option.

  7. Yum! Love these! I’m a dark chocolate fan, too. And those little treat bags are perfect for Halloween.

  8. 10% if all profits, wow! That’s a very generous amount, compared with a lot of com
    Annie’s. What a great cause and man, they sound delicious!

  9. I think that this is a fantastic idea…chocolate which I would snag anyway, but to know that it is ethically traded, and gives back to the environment, there is no reason not to get this chocolate… I’m going to keep my eyes open!

  10. I love the idea of combining wonderful food with a cause like endangered animals. Thanks for the info!

  11. this is a great way to spread the word about endangered species , while having a yummy snack at the same time.

  12. I like that this is a local biz… I also happen to have an affinity toward dark chocolate, so I’m loving anything dark chocolate. Haven’t seen these chocolates, but I’m sure if I look I can find them 🙂

  13. I love dark chocolate, so I am pretty sure I would love this! So nice that it is ethically traded!

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