Enjoying Our Kiwi Crate – Farmer’s Market Fun

As usual, this month’s Kiwi Crate box didn’t disappoint!  The theme was a farmer’s market crate and how fitting for my kids!

The kids had a great time lacing and stuffing their apples, carrots, eggplants and pears.  Although we didn’t do a whip stitch, the kids had a great time lacing them on their own.

We had the wooden crates and the produce fit perfectly!

The kids were excited to have made all four pieces themselves (well almost).  They were happy to show off what they had made for me.

Next we started on our market aprons.  They kids were excited to use the fabric crayons to trace the apples and carrots on their aprons.

Then they both decided they wanted their names on their aprons as well as a sun, ladybug (Addie) and flowers (Austin).  Austin was happy to write his own name and decorate his apron.

They loved them, what can I say?  Now was on to our silliness!  Funny faces and laughter filled the afternoon…

If you have children between 3 and 7 you would love the Kiwi Crate box!  It is a monthly subscription service where you receive a themed box each month with 2-3 different activities.  My children have loved each and every box.  They are $19.95 a month but if you sign up here you can get $10 off, making your first month $9.95.  You can cancel at any time but trust me, you will love it!


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