Healthy Snacks from Nature Box Delivered Right to Your Door

Living in the country where I do, I have to plan ahead to have healthy snacks on hand.  If I do not, I can’t quickly make a run to the local supermarket hoping to find some.  The store that carries any organic or natural snacks that is the closest to me is over 30 minutes away and they don’t have a great selection.  I love the idea of having simple yet healthy snacks delivered right to my door monthly so I can discover and try new products I might not have found ordinarily.

Not that this would be for everyday treats but when we need to run quickly and I am not totally prepared, (which happens often) I love to have healthy options I can throw in our bag to join us on our journey.  Nature Box is a company that offers a monthly box for $19.95 that contains FIVE full size healthy snacks delivered right to your door.  These are nutritionist approved and they are so sure you will love them that they are offering a money back guarantee.   I love that they are not only healthy snacks but also that with each box you purchase, they help feed a child in need!

I have yet to give it a try but am seriously thinking that I am going to give it a try this month.  They also have a cool referral program, once you order if you refer your friends and they order, you will receive one box free.  Pretty cool!

Right now use code: SNACKHEALTHY to receive your first box for only $10!

I would love to know if you have tried Nature Box before and what were your favorite snacks?



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    I am totally in the same boat as you – 30 minutes to the nearest store and an hour to any place that sells organic products. This would be the perfect solution!

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