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*Saving Money* 2-A Day

Couponing has always been a part of my life. Growing up in a family of seven my Mother was a genius at being frugal! She never paid full price for anything and really taught us the value of money and how to stretch it to get the most you can. When I started making the switch to purchasing organic products, I realized because of where I lived demographically, I would rarely ever see coupons for organic products. This meant paying full price for the items, wait a minute! Full price is not in my vocabulary! I knew that there had to be a way, so I started finding quite a few coupons online and became excited! Coupons do exist for organic products!

So the best way I have found to locate coupons for my favorite Natural/Organic brands is to contact them directly and ask for coupons! I tell them how much I enjoy their brand and would like to request coupons or tell them I would like to try their products, do they offer coupons? It truly is simple and it works! I had contacted conventional companies in the past and had great success, why not do the same with organic companies? Let’s face it, most of them do not have large marketing budgets and if you live in the sticks, I mean way out in the sticks like I do you will rarely ever see one in your inserts.

With that said I decided (to grab Kirstin’s idea @ Couponing to Disney) and each week day, I will post two companies for us to contact to request coupons. Granted, sometimes they say no, but most companies are quite generous when it comes to mailing out coupons in response to requests. I thought I would start with two companies as it truly will take under five minutes and it is so nice to go to the mailbox and have coupons waiting instead of bills!

I hope that some of you will join me as it is so much fun & saves so much money!  Please leave a comment if you have contacted the companies and do share when you receive your first coupons in the mail!