Minecraft Has Taken Over at Crazy 8 {Plus Giveaway}

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If you have a gamer in your life you likely know exactly what Minecraft is.  If you don’t, Minecraft is a video game that actually looks like an old school video game in terms of dimensions.  Players create and break apart various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds.  You find your own building supplies and food to…

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Learning and Homeschooling + Giveaway

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We want to say a big thank-you to Music & Arts for sponsoring today’s post about our homeschooling journey. We are getting close to finishing our second semester of our kindergarten year in homeschooling.  That seems totally crazy!  It literally feels like yesterday when we were beginning behind, since the program started the day Miss…

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Need Creative Ideas for Healthy, Quick Lunches?

When that first growl of my stomach emerges around 11:30am my brain starts to think of what we have in the fridge other than just sandwiches. I enjoy an occasional sandwich, but just like my Mother I am not one who enjoys a sandwich for lunch every day. It makes me happy to have leftovers…

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And the Winners Are….


Happy Monday!!!   First off, thank-you to everyone who entered our Bringing Home Baby Giveaway!   We had such amazing sponsors for the event, thank-you to everyone who participated!  The winners are: Baby Package….Sarah C. Mama Package…Jenny Mc. Congrats ladies and I hope you enjoy your