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What Do You Say “No Mas” to? #Spon

No mas oppression! No mas censorship! No mas silence!

All of us value our rights to openly share our opinions, our voice.  It is that right that allows me to express my views openly on my own blog.  You may not agree with my views, I may not agree with yours but at the end of the day that is okay because we have the rights to have our own opinions, our own voice.  Is that something you value?

Change can start with two simple words…”No mas!”

What do you say, “No Mas” to?  Create your own personalized No Mas badge and share it with your friends and family.   It doesn’t have to be all serious, it can be fun and encourage others to take part.  Right now I would say “No Mas to Why?”  Since we are at the stage where everything is ended with Why? so there are days I want to say no more, No Mas!

Have fun and share your own badge!

We don’t think twice about turning on the radio or listening to our iPods.  Nor do we think each time when you write a tweet that we must guard what we say.  You say what you think or how you are feeling.  These two men were imprisoned for simply doing these two things.

1.    Nabeel Rajab:  Serving time for posting anti-government comments on Twitter in addition to instigating and participating in peaceful gatherings considered to be illegal by the Bahraini government.  Nabeel Rajab is a prominent Bahraini human rights activist whose freedom has been compromised.

2.    Marcos Máiquel  Lima Cruz:  From boombox to behind bars, one man’s hip-hop dance party lead him straight to jail because a song’s lyrics criticized the lack of freedom of expression in Cuba.

Stand up for the freedom of expression by signing the petitions to set these victims free.

So many of us are so blessed to live where we can exercise our opinions , say what we want and share our thoughts our feelings openly.  Why not spend just a few minutes to show that you are thankful for that ability, that right.

See how our world has evolved thanks to the words “No Mas,” and share stories of how these iconic protests have impacted our world.

Join in Expressing Your Voice!

Every Monday in February at 11am PST, you can join @TakePart for a live Twitter chat with celebrities, experts and activists as they explore the issue of free speech. Follow @TakePart at  and use #NoMas to ask your questions.

Thanks to Participant Media for sponsoring today’s discussion.

17 thoughts on “What Do You Say “No Mas” to? #Spon

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I am constantly criticized by some of my friends and complete strangers for things I believe by sharing over the internet. Many people complain about the current conditions of our country and do nothing about it or simply sit back and hope for the best.

    1. It is sad but we are all criticized at some point for sharing our opinions and beliefs. Though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or how you feel isn’t important. Growing up my Mother was very strong about teaching us not to be overly concerned with others opinions of us. It has always proved very helpful.

  2. Thank you for sharing!! There is so much that we are not aware of and this is one of those. It is ashame that someone e was arrested because of a tweet….a crime, yes…not a tweet.

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