10 Activities to Do With Your Kids this Spring #GrowWithMeNG

With the first day of warmth we all get so very, very excited for spring!  The first greens begin to peak out, the daffodils and hyacinth poke their heads out of the ground, it means warmer weather is on the way!  The kids begin to get excited about spending more time outdoors.

Being active is so important to our little ones.  Here are a few of the ways we enjoy being active together as a family!

10 Activities to Do With Your Kids

1. Blow Bubbles – My kids can blow and chase bubbles for hours.  Not only is it inexpensive but they get their exercise.  It is an awesome way to tire them out and get their daily dose of vitamin D.

2. Take a “Rainbow Tour” – Grab your kids and a camera and head out on the road.  Try to find something for each color of the rainbow.  Take a picture of the item and your kids and then create an awesome memory Rainbow photo book.

3. Make Rock People – Collect smooth stones and then come back inside and have a blast painting them.  Give them hair with yarn and be creative!

4. Make a Time Capsule – I so love the idea of creating a family time capsule each year with things that are happening right now.  Add a few of your favorite things along with photos and a short video of your highlights of the year.  Next year dig it up and spend an afternoon going through your memories of the previous year.

5. Plant a Kids Garden – Either create a raised bed garden or a small container garden and give your kids free range to choose which plants they want to grow.  Then help them to tend to it all summer.

6. Have a Fashion Show – My kids love pulling out the new season’s clothing.  We go through last seasons clothing to see what fits along with trying on a few new pieces.

Why not take it outside & use the opportunity to snap some really cute photos?

7. Have a Picnic – Pack a simple lunch, grab a blanket and head out to find a beautiful spot to eat, even if it is in the backyard.

8. Go Camping, In Your Backyard – Camping is best when the evenings are still a little cool.  Set up a tent and have a campfire right in your own backyard.

9. Go On a Treasure Hunt – This can be really simple or more complicated depending on your children’s ages.  Create a treasure map visiting 4-5 stops before reaching the treasure!

10. Have an Outdoor Reading Party – Plan a small gathering where each child brings their favorite book along with one to swap.  Set up a few blankets outdoors in the shade and set-up a refreshment stand.  Take turns reading each child’s favorite book, enjoy refreshments and set up all the books to be swapped.  Before the kids head home, each child can pick one book to take with them home.

There are so many things to do to get your kids outdoors and enjoy the springtime warmth!  Get moving!

What are your favorite spring time activities to do with your children?

One of our new traditions is going to be to mark the kids each season on a growth chart.  This should have started a long time ago but this spring is the first season we officially are marking their growth chart.

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