10 Goals for the Week 01/09/12

Goal setting is something I am going to be working on even more this year.  I have set goals, as I shared previously with for my family, personal life, blog & homesteading goals.  Now I want to break some of those goals down into monthly & weekly goals.

Here are my goals that I want to work on this week:


Stick to my planned posting schedule.

Write one guest post and submit it to another blog in my niche.

Start scheduling planned posts atleast one week ahead of time (I need to write two posts a day to get a week ahead).

Pick out three linky parties I want to participate in.

Add Google analytics & Adsense back to my site.

Make concrete design plans for the blog!


Start my Bible reading schedule.

Start our yearly budget planning-a little behind.

Make homemade marshmellows

Can 1 batch of stew or jelly

Start planning my 2012 gardens 🙂


Hopefully starting next week I can cross all these off and start fresh next week with 5-10 more goals.  Do you set specific goals either for your personal life or on your blog?  Feel free to leave a comment below linking to your goals for the week, month or even this year!

5 thoughts on “10 Goals for the Week 01/09/12”

  1. You have some great goals! I am also switching to wordpress and I am having a hard time figuring everything out. Good luck and look forward to your posts!

  2. Hello,

    I linked to you through Blogelina’s Blogging Class as I’m also a member! I like your goals,especially the homemade marshmellows!
    I look forward to chatting with everyone from class and getting our blogs going.
    I “like” you on facebook!
    Please feel free to check out my blog Shannon’s Tales of Motherhood
    http://shannpf1977.blogspot.com/ and my facebook fan page I’m not sure what happened to my 1st comment but It’s gone!
    Anyways,I linked to your blog from Blogelina’s Blogging Class.I’m a member as well.
    I like your blog and your goal are beautiful! You will go so far with them,and when you learn spanish hopefully you can teach me!lol…

    Please feel free to check out my blog —> http://shannpf1977.blogspot.com/ Shannon’s Tales of Motherhood

    I “Liked” you on facebook,you can check out my facebook fan page as well if you would like to —> https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/

    Shannon F.

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