10 Simple Ways I Add Sparkle to My Day

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Do you ever have days that you seem to have gotten up with two left feet?  Some days, before I even get out of bed, I know it will be one of “those days”.  Some days it is just the mundane things that seem to get in the way.  I have been having quite a few of those days lately and in an effort to not become distracted, I have been working hard to focus on the little things, the things that seem to add sparkle to my day!

My children are my heart beat.  They are such amazing little people and most days blow me away by their affection, their optimism and love for each other.  The older I become, the more I realize I also need to spend a little time focusing on recharging myself.  Some days that means doing something for myself and other days it means doing something for others.  As mamas, we all need to recognize that we have a need to keep ourselves charged so we can continue to care for our families.  Here are a few simple ways I add sparkle to my day.

10 Simple Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Day!

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1. Sit down and write out 10 things you are thankful for, today.  Although you may feel like you are swimming upstream at the moment, there is always something else to be thankful for, we just need to re-focus our eyes so we see them.

2.  Call an old friend.  Just chatting about the “good old days” can be refreshing and just what you need at the moment.

3.  Make cookies.  And don’t keep them all for yourself, gift some of them to a friend that is ill or home bound.  When you are focused on others, you have less time to worry about the mundane things.

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4.  Write your spouse a love note.  Why not sit down and remind your spouse how much you love them?  Recall one of the traits that made you fall in love and share that memory with them.

5.  Take a hot bath.  Find the candles and bath salts and take 15 minutes to pamper yourself with a relaxing bath.  Use homemade bath salts or bath fizzes to make your soaking more relaxing and enjoyable.


6.  Paint your nails.  This is a fun way you can literally add sparkle to your day and feel instantly uplifted.

DIY Sugar Scrub

7.  Exfoliate.  Whip up a batch of homemade sugar scrub and help get rid of all the dead weight you have been carrying around.  In five minutes you can rub down your hands and feet and quite literally have removed dead weight, leaving your skin feeling fresh and you feeling invigorated!

8.  Craft.  Pull out your latest craft project and let the creative juices start to flow.  The occasions are so rare that I actually get to sit and finish any project, so I will take the time I have to continue to work on one of the projects I have started.

9.  De-Clutter.  What better way to rid yourself of weight you don’t need around your house.  Take five minutes and give each of the family members an assignment to find five things to donate.  Put them in a box or bag and drop them off on your next day out of the house.

10.  Grab a drink that literally adds sparkle & get some sun!  While my normal beverage of choice is delicious, (a soda) it is also terrible for you.  I desperately want to kick the habit.  I noticed a new sparkling water at Walmart last week, Canada Dry Sparkling Water and decided to try the lemon lime flavor.  It still offers the bubbles I love in my favorite drink but without all the terrible things that go with it, caffeine, caramel color and loads of sugar!   Flavored sparking water is water only better, with added taste!


We still have quite time in our house for about 30-45 minutes in the afternoon.  With homeschooling, by the time afternoon rolls around I need a few minutes of quiet time all to myself.  I try to take out at least five minutes to just completely shut down and relax.  If I can sneak out into the sun for a few minutes to relax and soak up some vitamin D then I am ready to take on my afternoon.

What are your favorite simple ways to add sparkle into your days?


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