10 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

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stay at home date night ideas

Before we had children, the hubby and I went on dates.  It was nice even several years after getting married to date.  It keeps a marriage strong and alive.  Since we will hit our 13th year of marriage in a few months and four children later, things have changed just a little bit.

We still love to go out, but it rarely happens nowadays.  With our youngest only being 5 weeks old, it will be a while before we get away again.  So instead of sweating it, we have stay at home date night instead.  They usually save a lot of money, and can honestly be just as fun!

married 12.5 yearsLots of times it is easy to fall into a rut and just veg in front of the tv once the kids are in bed.  With a bit of preparation, stay-at-home date nights can be pulled off so that they are just as enjoyable as going out and much less expensive!

10 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

Create your bucketlist. When you first get married you spend a lot of time talking about your goals and what your hopes and dreams are.  As real life settles in, and children come along we spend less time talking about the future and more about the present.  It is good to sit own together and talk about how much has changed but what your current dreams and goals.  It is good to talk about the together.

Recreate your first date.  My husband and I ate at Outback for a wedding rehearsal dinner the night we met.  We had our first date at Outback (by chance) and then he proposed there.  We don’t live close to an Outback now, but can re-cerate it at home.

stay at home date night ideas movies

Enjoy dinner and a movie at home.  What is your favorite dish to order out?  Why not try to recreate it at home.  Make a big bowl of popcorn and buy a box of your favorite movie candy to enjoy.

Make homemade pizza together.  Hubby is a manager at a store that has a pizza kitchen in it so he has learned to make a mean pizza.  I love it when he makes pizza for us.

Have a movie marathon.  Sign up for a free month of Netflix or Hulu and see how far you can get through a season of your favorite show or find a new one to watch.  Grab a blanket and your favorite snack to cuddle.

Stay at home date night ideas title scrabble

Play your favorite board game while enjoying your favorite dessert. We stopped playing Monoploy together our first year of marriage (it wasn’t very fun when he didn’t win…lol) but choose games that can be silly, encourage conversation and above all one you enjoy playing together.

Go on a picnic…in the living room.  Make a simple basket of snacks and enjoy them on a blanket on the floor.  If you have a fireplace, that is even better.  Enjoy them in front of the fire.

Play the newlywed game.  Bryan and I placed this at an anniversary party after we had been married almost 2 months.  We did surprisingly well, but each of you come up with 5-10 questions and try to answer them for each other.  See how many you get correct and who wins.  Set the prizes upfront so you know what you are competing for.

stay at home date night ideas dinner

Have a themed evening.  Plan a themed dinner, dessert and movie all based on a theme.  It can be Italian, French, German or based on a time frame like the 50s or 80s.  Pick a dinner or just dessert and a movie that fit your theme.  Since we tend to try out new foods, we stayed prepared with Nexium 24HR.  Just one day. All-day, all night frequent heartburn protection.  May take 1 to 4 days for full effect. (Use as directed.)

Plan your next family vacation.  Even if you can’t take it yet, have fun planning.  Get out an atlas and plan a road-trip.  Where would you like to drive through, where would you want to stop and visit along the way.  Traveling to the destination can be just as much fun as the vacation if planned out.

stay at home date night dress up

To make it fill like a real date night, I try to actually get dressed in something other than my stay at home sweats and pony tail.  It may be one of the few occasions I pull out my flat iron and lip stick for these days.  If I feel a headache coming on, I reach for Advil Liqui-Gels for advanced liquid fast relief.  (Use as directed.)  Or if I start to feel a cold come on, I turn to Emergen-C from Walmart to stay healthy, More Healthy Days, More Healthy Nights.  Being prepared is important so that the time we carve out for one another isn’t interrupted.

Taking time for our relationship with our spouses is truly important.  I love to be able to have conversations with out interruptions, love being able to discuss adult things without having to think about how to word my sentences and love spending time with my husband.

What are your favorite stay at home date night ideas?

stay at home date night essentials

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