11 Things I Have Learned in My 30’s

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11 things I learned

Tonight as I sat on the floor with three of my children I thought, “How could this be possible? How can I have four children and where did the time go?”  Seriously, I think I was sixteen yesterday and add sixteen plus years to that and I landed at today.  No, I absolutely would not want to go back to being sixteen, twenty or twenty something for that matter, I am happy and content in my thirties right where I am.  I have learned a great deal in the last decade that has helped me to be content with the moment I am living in at the present.

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Appreciate the moment.  Truth be told, this really hit home with me when I lost my Mother five years ago but I each year I appreciate it more and more.  Our lives often take us in a hundred different directions a day, take time to appreciate the little things in life when they happen.  When you are working, give it your all.  When you are having family time, give it 100%.  When your children want you to look into their eyes to talk, do it.  Those moments are just that, momentary.  Appreciate them.


Love more.  Telling someone you love them isn’t enough.  Love is a verb and requires action.  I tell my family often I love them, but with life always being on the vicious cycle of a hamster wheel, sometimes we don’t take the time to show the ones we love, that we DO LOVE THEM.

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You can’t buy happiness.  Money is money.  We need it to live each day, to survive, but money simply buys things or possessions.  Those possessions don’t equate to happiness.  Figure out what truly makes you happy.  Spend more time devoted to happiness.

Find your passion.  We often go through daily life making decisions based upon what will have the best possible outcome.  Start spending more time focused on making decisions that drive you.  Work alongside the fire that passion can bring and often the outcome will far outweigh anything you can imagine.

Jealousy is an evil emotion.  Jealousy is a downright waste of time and an ugly emotion used to display our own insecurities.  Rather than focus on what others have or are accomplishing that you do not, celebrate their successes!  Jealousy can eat someone up from the inside out, do not allow it.

Don’t be afraid to change.  There is so much about change that holds us back.  We tend to not like uncertainty.  When we embrace change, it can lead us to roads we never imagined.  When we learn to embrace change, it often leads to  growth.

Your job is not who you are.  Your job should be just that, a job.  By all means, work at your passion and do what you love but don’t let your job run your life.  Remember to keep your family, health and happiness first, as that is who you really are.

Waiting is okay!  We are constantly bombarded with the self-gratification of get it now, have it now and worry about all things later.  Learn that it is okay to have something that isn’t new.  Appreciate the fact that waiting until you can pay cash for something is actually truly worth it!  Often times if we wait to possess something, we value it far more.

Take care of yourself.  Although this encompasses so much, it is vital to take some time to yourself to recharge.  As moms, we often feel guilty to actually spend some time on ourselves but it is so important to have some times, even if just 15 minutes a day to recharge so we can continue to take care of the ones we love.

Take care of your health.  As a young person, we often take for granted the real need to care for our health.  It has to be a priority.  Drink more water eat more greens.  Loose the extra weight. (I am currently working on this!)  The sooner we realize the need to care for ourselves and take action, the sooner we will thank ourselves.  A long, healthy future it being laid out in front of us now.  The decisions we make now, lay the path our future health will take later.

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Take care of your skin.  You may laugh at this, but with each passing summer and winter I feel the need more and more.  I use to spend a small amount on face crème in my twenties but it left something to be desired.  I have learned that my skin is worth investing in, it is after all our largest organ in/on our body.

These last few weeks I have been using Restructiv & Collagen Boost from the #1 Canadian developed product line, Jouviance.  It feels amazing!  They contain absolutely no parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, colorants, artificial fragrances, animal-based or potentially irritation-causing ingredients, which is vital for myself because of my sensitive skin.

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The Jouviance Restructiv Collagen Boost targets my crow’s feet that seem to get more defined each and every year.  These are lovingly referred to as my smile or laugh lines, which I am proud to have but would like to keep them at bay.  The Collagen Boost is a needle-free wrinkle filler serum.  In as little as two weeks I was able to see noticeable results.


The Jouviance RestructivSRD Coactive Anti-Aging Formula Cream combines the strength of pure retinol, peptides and hyaluronic acid to restructure the skin matrix and fight the 8 clinical signs of skin aging: fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture, dull complexion, dehydration and age spots.

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Jouviance’s innovative skin care features the high concentrations of active ingredients, without irritating my skin, backed by clinical studies and supported by patented technologies.  In the US, Jouviance can only be purchased from CVS stores.  You can also visit Jouviance online to search which products have been created to target specific skin needs or receive beauty advice.

Unlike my twenties, in my thirties I have seen the need more so for action on my behalf.  I have needed to adjust, not expect others to adjust around me to create my own happiness.  I have needed to do more to be present for my family and to take care of myself.  For myself, my thirties are all about embracing change!

Now we want to know how you will use Jouviance to embrace change in whatever season of life you are in currently!  Since I highly recommend trying Jouviance, one reader is going to win a $100 gift card to try out Jouviance for themselves.

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15 thoughts on “11 Things I Have Learned in My 30’s”

  1. Oh I am so excited to try the Jouviance RestructivSRD! I love all the different areas it works on. Growing older now…I need to find a good skin care routine to take care of my skin. I think this sounds wonderful!

  2. Omg, girl. Everyday I think to myself, “How can I almost be 30?” when I feel like I am still 20. Blah, it’s crazy! I have never heard of this brand before but would be excited to try the Jouviance 3-in-1 🙂

  3. Carly Williams

    I would be excited to try the Jouviance Restructiv Collagen Boost! I need all the help I can get with my crows feet!

  4. I am so excited to try the Jouviance RestructivSRD Coactive Anti-Aging Formula Cream! What an amazing product to help my skin.

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