12 DIY Projects for 2014

So, we are already three weeks into 2014, can you believe it?  Where have the days gone?  When I started sewing and crafting more while I was pregnant with Bethany it felt great!  I have always loved crafting and I truly forgot just how much.  It is such a great outlet for me to escape and have a few minutes of me time.

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I love lists!  Do I always get to cross everything off?  Not usually!  My lists actually get added to and crossed off more than I would like to admit but they help me stay some-what on track and focused.  I often browse and add my ideas into a long running list I have and here are a few that I picked out I want to accomplish going into 2014.

1.  Make a wall art mural for our living room.  I love how Cheri created this wall art for her wall and although I plan on doing my art work very different, I love the concept.

2.  Make canvas wall art for my bedroom that involves all three children.  (This will be in the works this week so stay tuned for it to be posted by next week!)


3.  Felted wool diaper covers for little Miss B.  This is one Jen made from a felted wool sweater 🙂

4.  Matching spring & summer dresses for the girls from upcycled materials.

5.  Sew baby shoes or sandals for Bethany.

6.  Try to sew my own t-shirts for Austin.

7.  Create magnetic travel kits for both the children.

8.  Sew one-piece summer rompers for the baby.

9.  Refinish side tables in my bedroom.

10.  Create hanging wall storage space for the kid’s rooms.

Shape Penguin Printables 2

11.  Create monthly printables for school crafting fun.

12.  Sew memory animals for my children and their cousins.

There are so many others I want to accomplish this year but I figure one project a month is a great start!  You can check out some of my previous projects by checking out my previous DIY posts.

What are your projects you are looking to tackle in 2014?

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