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This post sharing my breastfeeding experience is sponsored but all opinions shared are my own.

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From the moment I held each of my babies in my arms, I knew that I had been greatly blessed.  The bond of a mother and their baby is something truly miraculous.  They know within moments that you are their mother, their caregiver and protector.  They need your contact to calm down when they are tired, hungry or feel scared.  They need you to provide nourishment for their bodies and quite often.

The blessings and joys of motherhood don’t come without it challenges.  Especially over the first few weeks…you will likely forget your own name, whether or not you have eaten, showered feed the dog.  You will get pooped on, on more than one occasion and have the pleasure of changing 180-200 diapers within the first month alone.  You will learn you can function without 8 hours or six hours or even four hours of sleep.

I had the most amazing example in my mother.   She raised five children and remained loving, patient and sane.  I have always said if I could give my children half of what my mother gave me, my children would be very blessed.  I am working on it!  She always would joke that after three, adding another one didn’t make a difference.  I however haven’t found that to be true.  We are still trying to adjust and find our sweet spot with our fourth (and final) addition to the family.

During my almost 8 years of being a mother, I have learned a lot with each child.  With each child I learn something new about myself, about motherhood and just how different each child can be.

I have had the privilege to breast-feed all four of my children.  During that almost six years, we have had a few ups and downs.  I learned that what I would eat could greatly affect the comfort level of the baby and that no matter how hard you try, you can experience difficulties.  A clogged milk duct hurts, like REALLY hurts!  It can turn into a infection really quickly.


During the time I have nursed, I only experienced a clogged duct that turned into an infection once.  All the hot showers, hot compresses and extremely painful pumping to empty myself didn’t seem to help.  In the end, I needed an antibiotic.  That was many years ago, 7 to be exact, but I remember it like it was yesterday.  In the early days, breastfeeding was hard.  Without support and knowledge, it would have been easy to give up.

This time, although I haven’t had an issues, this little guy is a pro, I am prepared!  I was so excited to find Fluiditea.  They make two varieties for nursing moms, Flourish and Grow to increase your production when you have a low milk supply and Clear and Flow for clearing clogged milk ducts / Mastitis.  These products are not supplements and only are to be used when they are needed.  They are both 100% natural and all plant-based.  Made from powerful medicinal herbs, they have been clinically tested to be 99.8% effective.  They are an Ancient remedy that is truly a one of a kind product, with no other product available with the same ingredients.  While I have yet to have either difficulty with the stage I am in right now, I tasted both teas and both were quite delicious with a touch of honey.  I am excited to have them on hand so that if either should occur I am covered.


Actress Haylie Duff recently wrote about her experience as a breastfeeding mom and the challenges it presents.  She has tried Fluiditea and shares her experience. which I encourage  you to check out if you are a breastfeeding mom that is struggling in any way.

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