Container Gardens Inspired by Eco Boys and Girls

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eco boys and girls container gardens for kids

When I had my first child, I knew I would have so many things to teach him.  I wanted him to be a great person, have high morals, show respect, love with all his heart, be a good steward for the earth and love with all his heart.  I have learned as we  have added three more children to the family that instilling these qualities in my children would require daily effort.  It isn’t always a direct approach in teaching, it often is in subtle ways teaching them about the importance of an issue in daily life.

With homeschooling we are together every day and have plenty of time to work on morals, showing respect and love of others.  We take every opportunity we can to teach the children about ways we can be more eco-friendly and care for our planet earth.  My oldest has the chore to handle our recycling and loves it!  When people ask him what he wants to do when he grows up, his response is that he wants to be a recycling man.  Not the typical response from your average 8 year old, but my little guy knows just how important it is to take care of the only planet we call home.

eco boys and girls container gardens

In the past few weeks, we have been learning so much about soil, the thriving microorganisms that live there and how vital the nutrients in the soil are for our food that requires it to grow.  If the soil gets contaminated with pollutants, it can kill the amazing micro-ecosystem living in it.  It was perfect timing for us to tackle a fun project!

eco boys and girls screenshot

After learning about the new Eco Boys and Girls Books on iTunes written by Maria Snyder, we discussed about all the different mini projects we could take on in April for Earth month.  This is a new series released April 1st that consists of six books that are animated, read-aloud books, available for children to interact with and that kids can watch the animated characters, read along with their voices, and see them in action all while being educated and entertained.

They introduce children to environmental issues at an early age.  The Eco Boys and Girls books builds interest in science, technology, engineering and math, all subjects that will prepare our young people to address critical challenges in the future.”

eco boys and girls title page

The Eco Boys and Girls are five lovable animated characters designed to educate Pre K to Third Grade readers about the earth, sustainability and how we are interconnected. The books retail for $5.99 each and feature the five Eco Boys and Girls characters: Ernie Earth, Lulu Love, Patsy Peace, Ray Recycle and Sammy Sun.

I would encourage you to purchase the books and share the experience with your own children?

eco boys and moms gardening page

Each character plays their part in taking care of others and the earth. Ernie Earth preserves the natural world and its ecosystems; Lulu Love demonstrates the importance of loving herself, others and all living things; Patsy Peace resolves conflicts so that humans and other living things can exist in peaceful ways; Ray Recycle shows people ways to reuse, reduce and recycle, and Sammy Sun spreads the word about conservation and protecting natural resources.

eco boys and girls reading

Since the Eco Boys and Girls empower kids to learn about the environment and explore creative new ways to live in harmony with it, we decided to plant container gardens.  Container gardens are perfect for kids to create gardens of their own.  Having a mini garden of their own requires responsibility to care for the plants, give them what they need to flourish and in return be rewarded with delicious fruits of their labor.  This was a perfect fit for Eco Boys and Girls Plant an Urban Farm book!

eco boys and girls addie

The kids were so excited when we talked about their options, mine love options!  I told them they could choose their plants within reason if they would grow in a container garden.  In the end, Addie wanted a watermelon plant and Austin decided on beets.  She loves watermelons and after some online research, we decided to attempt the mini icebox watermelon and strawberries.

eco boys and girls austin with seeds

Austin, well he has been wanting to try beets from the store, so he was so excited to plant beet seeds and strawberries.

eco boys and girls rocks in conatiner garden

It is quite simple, be sure that your container has drainage holes prior to planting, it will be so much easier.  (I learned the hard way.)  Then add gravel or packing peanuts to cover about 2″ on the bottom for proper drainage.

eco boys and girls dirt

Afterwards, create a soil mixture for container gardening and fill your container.

eco boys and girls addie seeds

Then plant your tallest plants or climbers in the center of the container.  Fill the edges with lower growing fruits or vegetables.  The children choose strawberries and marigolds.

eco boys and girls planting

After you finish planting the remainder of the plants, give it a thorough watering but don’t drench the soil.  It is important even more so with container gardens to keep the soil moist, but not waterlogged.

eco boys and girls addie with garden

I would love to know which Eco Boys and Girls book would you download first?

  1. Meet the Eco Boys and Girls
  2. Eco Boys and Girls Plant an Urban Farm
  3. Eco Boys and Girls Go to An Organic Farm
  4. Eco Boys and Girls Visit the Everglades
  5. Eco Boys and Girls Visit the Ocean
  6. Eco Boys and Girls Learn About Energy

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More About Eco Boys and Girls

  • Eco Boys and Girls is an educational organization that creates child-friendly, engaging books and other learning materials to reach the youngest educable age group, often overlooked, about their environment, how to protect it and take care of each other.
  • Teachers and parents are encouraged to use the teaching resources, lesson plans and activities are part of Eco Boys and Girls Sustainability Programs, which are produced for much of the subject matter.
  • Eco Boys and Girls has also developed STEM, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Peace & Justice curricula and programs, accessible through global partner organizations around the world.

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