The Messy Parts of Motherhood: Potty Training

When I see photos of other homes online, on other blogs or in magazines that are neat and completely organized I think to myself, I so wish I had that.  I have a clean house but it is messy.  Sometimes just a little, sometimes heaven help us it looks like a tornado has come through the house.

Life with four children has taught me many lessons so far, as I am sure I will learn many more.  One lesson I have learned so far is that you can’t do everything.  I can’t always have a clean house, happy kids and happy Mama.

confident c lean wipes

Right now we are in a rather messy phase of motherhood, potty training!  You would think that it would be easy since I have potty trained two children already but something I have learned is that no two children are alike.  What works for one child perfectly, may not work for the next child.  My first two were a boy and a girl, so on opposite ends of the spectrum, I expected the differences.  Miss B, well she is in another category of her own but I think I have learned to adapt pretty well.

confident clean cottonelle

Here are the basics of potty training I have learned that are important with all children:

  • Don’t force them, wait until you see signs that they are ready.
  • Give them an environment they feel comfortable and safe.
  • Set a timer!  You may laugh at the idea, but having them try at regular times helps.
  • When you experience a set-back or are struggling, use positive reinforcement and continue trying.
  • Pick out a few of their favorite books and have them within reach of “their” potty.

confident clean potty training basket

  • Give them the confidence of independence!  When my children learned that they could handle their business themselves, they excelled and we were potty trained.  Having Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths with their CleanRipple® Texture allows them to clean better and feel more confident.

When we were potty training our first, I learned a lesson.  A big one!  Not all flushable wipes are created equal.  Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths are created to break up after flushing, are sewer and septic safe and alcohol free.  I have found that the kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy using them for a more confident clean.

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Currently Sam’s Club members will instantly save $3.00 at check out from June 22nd to July 17th.  We were able to get a huge pack of 462 flushable wipes for only $11.83.  I love being able to shop at Sam’s Club for bulk purchases, Club pick-up and subscription orders.

Although Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths can’t take care of every messy moment in a mom’s life, they can be there to take care of so many of the messy moments in the potty training milestone!

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