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Today’s post is in partnership with HP.  All our love of HP is strictly our own, as are the stories shared. 

1st day of school

Where did the summer go?

It is literally over for us starting Monday. Monday, today begins getting back to our normal routine of homeschooling. It means more strict schedules, lots of learning and keeping little ones busy. It means lots of prep work to hammer out schedules. There is a meal plan, a weekly and daily homeschool plan, a blogging schedule, a chore schedule and so many more to make sure that the days and weeks run smoothly.

schoolroom mess

We started last week with such a mountain of mess in our new school room. Don’t judge!  At the end of last school year, everything was just shoved on a shelf to be dealt with at a later time and it was no longer a priority. So I was so excited for Bryan to get my desk put together and shelves up on my wall! (It is under that mountain of mess, I assure you!) We have been in our new house over a year but still used the dining room table. This year, we are starting school in our school room and I couldn’t be more excited!

To get the children excited we spent an afternoon purchasing supplies we would need throughout the year. Most of it is just the basics, but there is something about getting new school supplies that is just fun. It prepares you mentally for what is about to happen.

hp  teal computer

To get myself ready, what could be more exciting than getting a new laptop from HP?!? Seriously! Between blogging and homeschooling, we use our computers on and off all day long and we are huge fans of HP. All of our computers, which are all laptops currently, are HPs. We have tried other brands but always have come back to HP because they work for our needs and withstand the constant use.

What is so special about this stylish HP laptop? First and foremost, it is TEAL! A bright, beautiful shade of teal! We all love adding a little color to our lives and they come in the bright, bold colors of red, blue, teal, silver and white. I choose teal because it is a color we are using to decorate our homeschool room. It is a color that makes me smile.

I have been working on a fun mood board inspired by our new HP laptop with ways I can brighten our homeschool room.  Now that we have gotten started, it is SO exciting to see it come together and I can’t wait to add more pops of color.

hp laptops multicolor

That isn’t the only thing to love, these laptops come with 2TB of storage! For a blogger and a homeschooler, that is storage heaven! I don’t have to worry about taking hundreds of photos only to decide which few I can permanently keep because I don’t have room to keep them all. I don’t have to worry about school downloads and files or music or videos. There is room for ALL OF IT on my new HP laptop!  With that kind of storage, even having the files on it doesn’t slow it down.

hp close up

And maybe the best feature of the HP laptop is that it was featured on HSN by the Girls with Glasses.  It was an amazing steal of a deal (which you know I am all about).  They are so funny and seem to be effortlessly stylish.  I love their bubbly personalities, bold glasses and floppy hats.

So, do tell, which HP color would fit your personality? Teal, Red, Blue, Silver or White?

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