2012 Goals & Posting Schedule Plan

So today marks another new year; where does the time go?  I don’t personally make New Year Resolutions, but have put much thought into the coming year and changes I would like to make to improve the blog and my personal life as well as the goals I wish to reach out for, to make the changes happen.

There are so many irons in the fire you could say, that I really needed to be realistic with what I wanted and then what I could really accomplish!  Afterall what good are goals if they are truly out of reach?  So I had to scale back and take baby steps.

Blog Goals:

Site Design:  First I have to figure WordPress out!  Then I want to focus on a permanent site design that I would like to have finished by the end of January to mid-February (it is in the works right at the beginning stages so please bare with the plainness for now).

Posting Schedule:  I would like to focus on posting other than just deals, which are great but not what I  wanted to exclusively focus my blog on.  With that said here is a posting schedule that is my goal for the first half of 2012 that I will do my very best to adhere to!

  • Mondays-Share a new recipe with cost breakdowns
  • Tuesdays-Share in Gratituesday (A post focusing on what I am thankful for that day or week)
  • Wednesday-Grocery Store Match-ups & a Series that I will be working on sharing (1st series will be “8 ways to save money on organic food”)
  • Thursday-DIY or craft project/up-cycling idea & Grocery Store Match-ups
  • Friday-Gardening Plans or update &/or Homesteading post & Sunday Coupon Preview
  • Saturday-Green Article & Best Weekly Online Deals
  • Sunday-Upcoming Weekly Meal Plan

I will still be sharing great deals, coupons and freebies because I thrive on that but this gets me focused on what I actually wanted to begin with!

Connect:  Share in four monthly blog hops/linky parties.

Blogging Hours:  Stick to my daily blogging schedule (I really need to work on a balance of blog time/personal time).

Followers:  My goal is to reach  1000 Twitter & Facebook followers by the end of the year!  (That may be too ambious but it is a goal to work towards) 🙂

Personal Goals:

  • Read the Bible daily.
  • Finish ALL my started needlepoint projects.
  • Create a family scrapbook.
  • Twice a month bake or prepare a meal and visit a friend from our congregation.
  • Go to bed & get up eariler.
  • Loose 15 pounds.
  • Call an out of state friend or loved one weekly.

Family Goals:

  • Spend 1 uninterrupted hour a day with my children.
  • Work on a fun project every week with the children.
  • Have a weekly fun date/outing with the kids.
  • Teach my children the books of the Bible.
  • Spend atleast 1 hour outdoors weekly exploring with Austin & Addie.
  • Have a weekly family worship & fun night.
  • Begin preschool activities with Austin.
  • Teach Addie to write her letters, numbers & draw basic shapes.
  • Have a monthly date night with my husband.
  • Take a family vacation!
  • Build a 3-6 month emergency reserve by the end of the year.
  • Purchase a used car/van and pay cash.
  • Finish renovating our bedroom & closet.

Homesteading Goals:

  • Add atleast one feeder pig to our family.  (It would be our first)
  • Add 12 baby chicks to our clan.  (Our goal is to have 12 total chickens this year)
  • Add 4-6 4×4 or 4×6 raised bed garden plots.  (All of our gardening pretty much must be done above ground due to the fact we are on bed rock)
  • Participate in atleast one seed/plant exchange.
  • Finish building our greenhouse.
  • Attempt to can enough fresh vegeatbles for most of our winter consumption.
  • Start canning most of or all of our meat.
  • Build a complete three to six month stockpile.  (Details to come in the coming weeks)
  • Start making candles & soap!
  • Repair the well on our property to be used instead of rural water.
  • Build a storage shed.
  • Add two dairy goats to the family (probably looking at 2013).
  • Add a beehive for honey (also more than likely 2013).

That gets me started with 2012.  You can easily see why I said I need to be balanced.  I still work outside the home part time and have my hands into working some for myself.  We have the the goal of me not having to leave my children at all for work by the end of 2o12.  I would love to exclusivly work from home while making ends meet.

So that gives you an idea of what my family will be working towards this year.  I will be sharing my running DIY to do project list for 2012 later this week.  Have you sat down as a family and tried to set goals of what you would like to accomplish?  I would love for you to share what you are working towards or your plans for the upcoming month or year!

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