2017 Summer Bucket List

I love to save money and am an avid Groupon user when it comes to travel.  Today’s summer bucket list post is sponsored by Groupon but all opinions shared are my own.

I can hardly bring myself to utter the words summer, maybe that is because I still have a chunk of school to accomplish with the children or maybe because times just seems to be going by so quickly.  Days seem like mere moments and months seem like they pass by in a few blinks.  My oldest son is 9 years old this summer and that is a bit of a wake-up call how fast it is going; he is half way to eighteen!

In an effort to seize the moments we have and make the most of each and every summer, we are starting to compile our summer bucket list.  We aren’t finished with the plugging the children’s in with our to-dos and there already doesn’t seem like there is enough time to fit it all in.  Each summer month we have a rather big work trip that we will take advantage of and turn into family fun.

Just as important as the big trips are simple bucket list items.  Some of the children’s wishes are simple, everyday things.  I love it when asked what they want to do this summer and it turns into, making mud pies and playing in the sprinklers.  Those are the simple things we cherish with everyday life. My goal for the summer is to not allow myself to be so tied up with my to-do lists, that I don’t enjoy the simple pleasures of summer.  Without further ado, here is ten items on our summer bucket list.

2017 Summer Travel Bucket List

  1. Watch fish at an aquarium
  2. Go shelling at a beach
  3. Ride a water slide at water park
  4. Feed an animal at a zoo
  5. Enjoy the rides at an amusement park
  6. Learn hands on at a museum
  7. Be entertained by a live show
  8. Go back in time and ride a train
  9. Visit a waterfall
  10. Camp in a tent

We have plans to visit an aquarium when we go to Atlanta for a work conference.  The Georgia Aquarium is a family favorite and we cant wait to visit again.  Number four and eight are already scheduled to happen this month!  We will be visiting the Promised Land Zoo and the children are hoping to feed baby animals at the zoo.  Our first train ride will be on the ES&NA railroad in a couple of weeks.  The children can’t wait!

Shelling at a beach, number two will happen in Florida in June.  As will possibly a visit to a water park and amusement park because it is Florida after all!

That leaves us with filling in a visit to a museum, watching a live show, visiting a waterfall and camping in a tent.  All of those things are doable between our work trips.  We live in Arkansas, a place full of natural beauty, waterfalls and places to camp.

As a result of hospital stays for both my girls at the end of April, we had to postpone our road trip to New York.  It was devastating and the children do not let us forget that we are still taking that trip before fall.  With so much travel on the agenda, I am always hunting for deals to make the expenses doable with our small budget.  It isn’t easy because traveling can be very expensive.  I frequently visit Groupon to check out deals for the areas we will be traveling to, as well as their Groupon coupons site to check out deals for Hotels.com, Expedia.com and Hotwire.com.  By checking frequently I am able to snag the best deals and save money.

These are our “big summer plans” stay tuned for our every day moments summer bucket list full of ways to make every day memories this summer.


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