2019 Plans and Goals and How H&R Block Fits In

This post is sponsored by H&R Block but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Who already has planned out their 2019 year in the way of goals?

Why yes it is early in the year, but the reality is, for small business owners, we start to think about our next year-long before it has begun.  Bryan and I started back in November deciding we wanted to make big change for the upcoming 2019 year and here we are.  Whether you have a small business or regular job, you no doubt have goals on what you hope to accomplish in 2019.  Maybe they are more geared towards accomplishing something personal, buying a home or saving for a family vacation.  Your goals could be more along the lines of streamlining your home and getting more organized, yep I have that one too!  Bottom line, most of us have something or many things we hope to accomplish in 2019.

It’s invigorating to start a new year and have a blank slate to work with.  Most of us get excited when we analyze what we can do in the next twelve months and then nearly right out of the gate we are hit with preparing for tax time.  Small business or not, it can bring on the stress.  There are so many papers to collect and if you have ever tried to figure out how to file your taxes on your own, you know it can bring on all the stress.

One aspect of my life I plan to truly work on in 2019 is eliminating things that don’t contribute to my family’s happiness.  To eliminate clutter in my life not just physically but things that clutter my time as well.  There are only so many hours in the day and I need to delegate and streamline some things to be able to move forward this year and spend more time focused on what matters most.  My taxes are up there on my list.

Let me share why I am loving on H&R Block for taxes.  First off, they give you options on how to file.  Want to do it yourself with one of their DIY online products?  You’re covered.  You can easily do your taxes where you want and when you want.  Beginning January 4th, 2019, H&R Block’s online filers can get unlimited, on-demand access to a tax pro while they complete their return on phone, tablet, or desktop.  The new Ask a Tax Pro service allows you to chat and even share your own screen with a tax professional, so you can ask specific questions.  If you would prefer to get help over the phone to a tax professional, you can do that too.

Don’t want to have the worry of doing your taxes yourself, there are more office locations of H&R Block across the country than any other tax service.  Sometimes it is just easier to gather your paperwork and then answer some questions to have it taken care of for you.  H&R Block has been a friendly, caring, and trusted partner in navigating the tax season where you have access to their certified network of tax professionals.  Knowing I’m working with experts gives me the confidence and peace of mind to know my taxes are being done right.  You can get started with H&R Block’s services by visiting their website.

H&R Block has so many effective tips and tools that have made filing taxes as a small business owner so much easier. With all that paperwork I need to collect, H&R Block offers an easy online tool to help simplify this process by allowing me to take photos of my receipts and import my forms up front – after all I am trying to eliminate clutter in my life! They also have planning tools that help me understand if my money will go to the IRS or if it will be refunded back to me. Transparency within small businesses is important and tools like this will help me stay ahead of the game. Lastly, with all the changes in self-employment income this year, my favorite tool is the tax reform calculator which helps me understand how all the changes directly impact me and my family. With all these tools, I am able to stay prepared and organized for this upcoming year.

One of the reasons many people don’t visit a tax professional is that they don’t know how much it’s going to cost until they get the bill after the services have been performed.  Those bills can sometimes, okay most times, be rather high.  H&R Block has taken that into consideration and now offers upfront, transparent pricing.  In three simple steps, you can know the price before you even begin tax prep.  First, you determine the base price from just five easy-to-understand categories.  Then you add your state returns.  Finally, fees are added from approximately 20 items, like tax credits, investment income and other products or services to determine the final price.  No more surprises as to the cost of having your taxes filed!

Life can be complicated and H&R Block has made it easy to for you to do your taxes with the help of Ask a Tax Pro, or by having them done for you. This year I have made it my goal to ask for more help, to delegate more and not feel like I must oversee it all. That’s one of my big goals for 2019. I’m excited to move past tax season thanks to the help of H&R Block.

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