27 Summer Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry collage

May in Arkansas means we welcome warmer weather, rain and storms, flowers and fresh strawberries!  My children can eat almost any berry by the pint quart but they love picking strawberries almost as much as they enjoy eating them!

Last year we headed out to pick strawberries at a u-pick farm (even though I was six months pregnant) and had a blast.  Although we have yet to make it so far this month, it is still on our to-do list!  I have great memories of being a child myself and searching for the largest ripe berry I could find.  I want to make sure I create those same memories with my own children.

Once we bring all those fresh berries home, I try to put some up right away at their peak of ripeness or before they all disappear.  Here are a few of the delicious strawberry recipes I came across while hunting down a few new ways to enjoy strawberries this year.

27 Summer Strawberry Recipes

  1. Yogurt Berry Ice Pops
  2. Pectin Free Strawberry Jam
  3. Strawberry Icing
  4. Strawberry Scones
  5. Strawberries and Cream Pancakes
  6. Skinny Baked Strawberry Donuts
  7. Pumpkin Strawberry Donuts
  8. Chocolate Strawberry Muffins
  9. Paleo Strawberry Shortcake
  10. Strawberry Banana Bread
  11. Strawberry Bread with Lemon Honey Butter
  12. Creamy Strawberry Salad Dressing
  13. Romaine and Strawberry Summer Salad
  14. Sunrise Strawberry Smoothie
  15. Strawberry Compote with Champagne
  16. Strawberry Syrup

We have a few favorites we always try but it is so much fun to try new ways to enjoy one of our favorite fruits.  Do you have a family recipe that is a strawberry tradition?

What is your favorite way to eat strawberries?

3 thoughts on “27 Summer Strawberry Recipes”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing all of these. Its funny that you listed the strawberry & mango salsa because I just had that the other night. It was fabulous. I would highly recommend it to any of your other readers.


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