5 Simple Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill During Summer

It is amazing how intense the heat has been so far this summer.  Here in Arkansas we saw record highs in June, as many parts of the country did.  As we all try to stay cool, we notice a drastic rise in our energy costs.  Here are a few simple ways we can try to cut back on our energy bills and ultimately our energy consumption.

 1.  Find your leaks and seal them.

Any time of year this really is important, during the summer your cooled air escapes through cracks around your doors and window.  The pricing of caulk and weather-stripping is minimal and a properly sealed house can save up to 20% per year according to the Alliance to Save Energy.

2.  Analyze the time of day when you cook, do laundry and use your dishwasher.

The reality is, all of these create heat no matter what time of day we use them, but avoiding using your oven or dryer during the hottest part of the day will decrease the load on your air conditioner.

3.  Keep the heat out of your windows.

If you use blinds or window treatments, keep them closed during the time of day the sun is hitting that side of the house.  Also if you live in an area that retractable awnings are used, be sure to keep them closed during the heat of the day.

4.  Change your light bulbs.

Switching jus one incandescent light bulb for a CFL saves $35 in energy costs over the projected 10-year life of the bulb. Not only do CFLs use less energy than conventional bulbs, but they also generate less heat.

5.  Unplug what you are not using.

Gadgets like a cellphone charger, TV or microwave suck energy and even generate heat even when they are not in use if they are attached to a power source. Standby power for appliances not in use typically accounts for 5% to 10% of residential electricity use, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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3 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill During Summer”

  1. We always have a hard time remembering to turn the air up during the day when we aren’t home. The dogs are really comfy all day, but it is rough on the electric bill. We did start using wind electricity though!

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