5 Time Saving Laundry Tips

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With three children I don’t ever seem to stay on top of the laundry. I try to do a load of laundry every day but the truth is, there is always a pile, sometimes mounds. I call it my never-ending box.  I have come to the conclusion we have more clothing than we truly need and so it seems we go through clothes more liberally than we probably should.  (That is a topic of conversation for another post!)

Some families have found that it works best for each family member to have their own laundry basket.  I don’t wait to wash long enough for one person to have a complete load of wash.  I sort all our clothing together by type; lights, dark, brights and whites.  To make it a bit easier, these are my top five laundry tips to help save time.

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5 Time Saving Laundry Tips

  1. Treat stains as they happen to your clothing, before they have a chance to dry if possible.
  2. Read your labels before buying new clothing, try to avoid dry clean only items.
  3. Use white vinegar for bad odors.  Add it into the liquid fabric softener portion of your dispenser.  Use an extra rinse if the smell of vinegar bothers you.
  4. Use mesh bags to presort socks!  I have to admit, sorting white loads because of the socks are my least favorite and therefore the last in the basket to be folded.  To save time, assign a mesh bag to each member of the family to place their dirty socks in.  Once they are clean, simply sort one persons at a time, no more missing socks or piles of socks to be sorted before being matched.
  5. If you can’t fold your clothing right away, remove them from the dryer promptly and shake out the wrinkles.  Lay them flat until you are ready to fold them and they will have less wrinkles.

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1 thought on “5 Time Saving Laundry Tips”

  1. At the top of my list of things I’d do if I won the lottery is getting someone to put away my laundry for me. I don’t mind doing it. But I hate putting it away. It would be right after hiring someone to change my sheets every day.
    I have simple but decadent needs…

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