5 Ways to Save on Kids Fashion With OshKosh

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Usually after the cold long winter we can’t wait for the first signs of spring to emerge.  Spring brings longer days, warmer temperatures and lots of fresh spring colors.  After looking at lifeless, colorless fields and trees, watching them come to life with color is exciting!

Towards the end of winter, the children yearn for the longer days to play outdoors, to be able to play without the added weight of the winter bundles. For this mom, I love that spring brings fewer pieces of clothes and brighter colors. I am all about the color. Having four children, we seem to be swimming in clothing each season when it is time to refresh our wardrobes. I always enjoy pulling out my totes with each child’s next season clothes to see what still fits, what we still need and what we need to purchase.

I am all about comfort in clothing. Of course I want my adorable children to have stylish clothes but comfort is key in my books. I have found over the years that if the children are comfortable, they are much happier. Happy kids = happy mom! One of our favorite go-to brands for comfort + style is Oshkosh B’gosh. They offer such an amazing selection of quality denim, comfort play clothes for the kids active times and adorable dress clothes.

Even though my children are still young, they each have their own sense of kids fashion. With the exception of my little man, the other three all have strong opinions about kids style, their style. I love that their personality shines through because they are so vastly different. Some days they like to match each other, others they want a completely different look. Their personalities are so very unique, so their style should match.

Now onto the tips to save money on kids fashion…

Having to purchase a new wardrobe for four children, two to three times a years can be ever so hard on the pocketbook. As our family has grown, I have learned there are many ways to outfit my children in adorable fashion without spending a fortune. My secret, I NEVER pay full price, ever!

1. Shop sales. Each time a new line is released there are often sales to be found. Once the next line is released, the previous one is discounted even more. If you have your eye on a specific style, check back in a week or two and often it’s on sale!
2. Always check for coupons or online codes if you are purchasing online. Many times you can find mobile coupons if you don’t have a paper coupon. Combined with sales you can often save upwards of 50-75% off the full retail price.
3. Sign up for the OshKosh emails. Many times you will receive exclusive coupons via email. They also let you know about upcoming sales.
4. At the end of the season when stores are offering close-out sales, purchase essential pieces in the next year’s size and store. This may seem like such a pain but I have a tote for each child that I store the next sizes in and it is so helpful when spring or fall roll around and I have many key pieces they need.
5. Keep track of what you have for each child. That may sound like a no-brainer but when you over purchase, you are not saving yourself money and I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled out a tote only to find out that I had multiple of certain pieces and none of another.

Growing up, my mother had to outfit five children and she choose OshKosh B’gosh because of the quality. I have so many fond memories of my younger brother in his OshKosh overalls. He loved his denim overalls and you never knew what you might find in his pockets from rocks to acorns, even once a frog. Those denim overalls were a symbol of his boyhood adventures and now I am sharing that with my own sons.

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