7 Reasons WHY It’s a Good Idea to Purchase a Season Pass at Silver Dollar City

This post was sponsored by Silver Dollar City but all opinions shared are truly my own.

I have such fond memories of Silver Dollar City as a child.  The glassblowers were always my favorite shop to watch; even as a child I could watch from start to finish.  We dipped doll candles in blue and mauve that hung on my wall for years.  And listening to the Belamy Brothers concerts in the outdoor amphitheater while the seats vibrated was a memory I’ll never forget.  Those memories are over 20 years old but I can remember them like yesterday.

A couple of years ago I was so excited to share Silver Dollar City with my own children and start creating some of those same memories with them.  After just one visit to the park, the children were hooked.  I knew they loved the craftsmen, we visit the Ozark Folk Center closer to home but it is all of it combined into one package, the feel of stepping back in time, the smells that awake the senses and stir memories and the rides.  All the rides and giggles, smiles and laughter.  It really is the whole package.

After that first visit we knew that season passes just made sense for our family.  We don’t live in Missouri, but that really doesn’t matter.  We are close enough to visit multiple times a year (sometimes even a season) and it just makes sense.

Reason #1 – The Price

The price of a current season pass is less than the cost of visiting the parks on two single days.  Seriously!  It is November 2017 and through January 1st, 2018, you can pick up a one-park season pass for $91 for adults and $80 for children.  A single day admission will set you back $62 for an adult ticket and $51 for a child’s ticket.

Reason #2 – The Free Guest Vouchers

This was seriously a brilliant idea on the marketing team’s behalf.  What is always more fun when visiting a theme park?  Bringing your friends along!  The kind folks at Silver Dollar City agree and want you to be able to share the park with your family and friends…for free (plus one at a great discount!)  When you purchase your season park passes through the end of the year, you will be given four free guest vouchers and one reduced ticket voucher for a window of dates throughout the year.

You can only use one free voucher per season pass holder, per visit, but for our family that means during the allotted time frame, we can take in five guests for free!  Want to find out more about the guest vouchers?  Head over here to read more.

Reason #3 – The Festivals

Throughout the 2018 season, Silver Dollar City hosts many amazing festivals.  During 2018 you can expect the Earth Harp Collective, a speed painter, an illusionist, a stuntman, fire juggler and more during the Festival of Wonder.  The Bluegrass & BBQ Festival brings some of the world’s top Bluegrass performers live to the stage while the park serves up some of the best BBQ in the south.  Then there are the Summer Concert Series, Country Music Weekend, The National Crafts & Cowboy Festival and so much more including the Festival currently going on that crowns Silver Dollar City “The Most Illuminated Park in the World.”

Reason #4 – The Roller-coasters

Silver Dollar City is already home to some of the most daring coasters.  Outlaw Run is the world’s most daring wooden coaster, and is quite possibly my husband and son’s favorite coaster in the park.  In 2018, Time Traveler™ joins the ranks with the coasters found at SDC but this one is very unique!  It is a spinning coaster that launches adventurous riders twice and then flips them upside down three times, all while rotating through the sky!  True adventure seekers in your group will be in for a great thrill!

Reason #5 – Something for Everyone

While some theme parks are only fun for the adventure or thrill seekers, that is not the case at Silver Dollar City.  In fact, you could spend a full day at the parks and not ride a single ride.  Of course, there are plenty of fun rides for the adults, the thrill-seekers, the children and even the tiny tots.  But there is also so much else to do and see!  There are shows daily throughout the park, there are craftsmen’s demonstrating skills all throughout the park and there are plenty of places to enjoy delicious food.  Families ranging from children to grand parents can enjoy the park together.

Reason #6 – Discounts & Perks

As a season pass holder, you are entitled to lots of discounts across the board from a 20% dining discount, to parking discounts, to the Showboat Belle cruises and even The Wilderness Campground & Cabins and lots more.  This isn’t necessarily the sole reason to get a season pass, but it is a definite perk.

There are specific pass member appreciation days during the season with extended bonus hours only for pass holders.  You get admission to the summer nights, loads of discounts including meals, purchases throughout the park and extra passes.

Reason #7 – The Memories

When you have access to unlimited visits, you aren’t worried about seeing as much as you can as quickly as you can.  You can take your time to watch the craftsmen work.  You can sit on a bench and watch a show without worrying about having enough time to ride all the rides.  You can enjoy a meal or a snack while having real conversation with family and friends.

The park is designed to mimic a town in the late 1800’s, it’s meant to take us back in time.  Leaving the hustle and bustle of real life behind and leisurely having the time to create memories, truly lasting memories is more than enough for me.

Silver Dollar City was created around the terrain and landscaping of the Ozarks.  It follows the rolling hills and is built around the corner of woods, a rolling stream and even a waterfall.  If you purchase a season pass, you have time to enjoy it all!

  • The Craftsmen
  • The Food
  • The Rides
  • The Shows
  • The Festivals
  • The people we hold most dear to our lives.

If you are still on the fence, you can visit for a single day and once you fall in love with the park (which I assure you, you will), you can pay to upgrade your ticket prior to leaving the park.  Or if the price is more than you would like to pay all at once, you can also split the payments up into six months worth of even, pre-scheduled payments to spread it out over time.

Silver Dollar City does offer something for everyone.  It is located in the beautiful area of Branson, Missouri that is packed with amazing things to do and places to explore.  My family would be content with a family vacation and visiting SDC daily.  After our most recent trip, even my two year old has begged to return daily.

Season passes look like they are once again in our future, will they be in yours?  

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