7 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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Your home’s HVAC system is crucial to your comfort and quality of life, but it can also be expensive to operate. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to reduce the load on your HVAC system without compromising your home’s climate control capabilities. Increasing your home’s energy efficiency saves money on energy bills and can help your HVAC equipment last longer. Reduced energy usage is also good for the environment. Here are several easy ways to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency.

1. Use Window Coverings

Installing blinds, shades, or curtains not only improves the appearance of a room but also allows you to control the amount of sunlight. Close the shades in the summer to help keep things cool, and help your heater in the winter by opening up the blinds in rooms that get direct sunlight. You can also find many types of insulated window coverings for even more temperature control.

2. Consider Exterior Additions

Exterior options such as shutters and awnings can also help control the internal temperature of your home and reduce the load on your HVAC system. They add visual interest to your home’s exterior for increased curb appeal.

3. Utilize Your Landscaping

In hot climates, planting shade trees in strategic locations can help reduce direct sunlight on your home and keep things cool. Find out what kinds of trees grown well in your climate and talk with an experienced landscaper to determine optimal planting locations.

4. Upgrade the Insulation

If you have an attic or crawlspace with minimal insulation, chances are you have significant air exchange movement happening in those locations. Increasing the attic insulation and sealing the crawlspace can help prevent climate-controlled air from leaving through these areas.

5. Get a Programmable Thermostat

Numerous studies show that installing a programmable thermostat helps reduce energy consumption and limits the operational time of your HVAC equipment, improving longevity. You can reduce the load on your system when you are out of the house and still enjoy the perfect temperature when you are home.

6. Clean Ductwork

Having your ducts professionally cleaned can dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency. Your HVAC equipment won’t have to work as hard to cycle air through ducts that are free of debris and dust, plus you can enjoy improved air quality.

7. Maintain Your Equipment

Annual tune-ups for your furnace and AC are extremely important for energy efficiency. Most cooling and heating services offer these preventive maintenance appointments to improve operational efficiency and repair minor problems before they worsen. Tune-up services help your equipment perform optimally and efficiently year-round. It’s best to schedule your furnace tune-up in the fall and your AC appointment in the spring.

Your home’s HVAC system is essential for a comfortable home environment year-round, but it can be a significant operational expense if your home isn’t efficient. You can improve your equipment’s lifespan and reduce your energy bills by increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Installing interior and exterior window coverings and shade trees can help keep sunlight from overheating your home. You can also use a programmable thermostat and additional insulation to increase efficiency. Keep your HVAC equipment operating well with annual tune-up services provided by an experienced technician, and enjoy efficient climate control all year.

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