8 Ways to Save on Organic Food Series-Part 1-Finding Coupons

Who doesn’t want to feed their families the best food possible?  If you asked that question, most people’s response whould be a no brainer.  But what if you live in an area like mine where many families are just struggling to feed their families?  Most people would tell you that they can’t afford to feed their families organic whole foods!  While in the past organic foods may have been priced out of reach for most families, now there are so many options to obtain more locally grown, organic and sustainable food at prices about the same or even less than their conventional counterparts.

Today I am going to touch on using coupons, yes coupons do exist on organic foods.  These use to be few and far between but now there are so many options to obtain organic coupons.  Now with just a little effort you can get your hands on coupons for just about any product.  Here are some of the places that I obtain my organic coupons:


  • Sunday Coupon Inserts-While these do not contain coupons every week for organic products, many companies may offer a coupon good off any one of their products, say “$.50/1 Heinz Ketchup” if it does not stipulate a particular kind it can be used on their organic variety that is carried at a lot of stores.


  • Printable Coupons-A lot of companies now offer printable coupons!  It is much less expensive than offering traditional paper coupons and it allows them control over the number of coupons circulated.  So if you see a good coupon that is available that you know you will use, you should go ahead and print it as it may be gone very quickly!  An example of a coupon that always reaches it print limit within a day or two is the $.75/1 Muir Glen coupon that is released at the beginning of some months!  Here are some great resources for organic printable coupons:
    1. Coupons.com-They update their coupons at the first of the month and usually have a big variety of coupons, usually a few natural or organic coupons.  The usually go fairly quickly, so print them if you see them.
    2. Recylcebank Printable Coupons-You must sign up (it’s free) and do things such as taking a quiz or pledge or watching a short video and you will receive points to redeem for printable coupons.  Depending on wher you live, you can also earn points for recycling!  They also place codes on special packages of Kashi & Ziploc that can be redeemed for points as well.
    3. Mambo Sprouts-They offer coupon booklets at many health food stores but also offer online printable coupons.  They only have natural and organic coupons on their site.  This is a great resource for coupons as many times they will have high value coupons available but print them when you see them because the limits are reached rather quickly.  You can print two of each coupon usually by using the back button.
    4. Organic Valley-They offer printable coupons on their websie that usually vary slightly.  You must register on their site to be able to have access to print their coupons.  You can print two of each coupon monthly and they expire 30 days from when they are printed.
    5. Stonyfield-They offer printable coupons valid on many of their products.  They reset their coupons at the first of the month.  You are only able to print one of each and these expire 10 days from printing them.  My suggestion is to print these before you know you are going to use them.
    6. Smartsource Coupons-They will occasionally offer an organic coupon mixed in with their conventional ones, or will offer a coupon good off any of a certain brand that offers an organic variety.  These also change monthly or semi-monthly it seems.  Do not use the back button with these coupons to print a second one, it doesn’t work.  Try printing a second coupon directly from the original link, sometimes it works sometimes not but it is worth a try!
    7. Redplum Coupons-Again, they offer printable coupons and will sometimes have an organic coupon mixed in.
    8. Coupon Network Printable Coupons-They will occasionally offer Muir Glen or Cascaidian Farm printable coupons.  You do have to register and usually there is a print limit of two coupon.  These are usually reset monthly as well.
  • Contact Companies Directly-One of the best ways to get high value coupons, is to contact the companies directly via their website’s contact us form or by calling them and requesting coupons.  I usually tell them how much I really enjoy their products or that I would love to try them and my family is on a tight budget.  Using coupons is a great way to stretch your budget, and they usually respond favorably and send much higher value coupons than you can get else where.  Sometimes they may even send a coupon for a FREE product!  Check out my 2-A Day Plan for contacting companies with me!


  • Digital Coupons-If you shop at a store with a loyalty card then there are a few options of loading coupons directly to your card.  They rareky offer organic coupons, but will occasionally have offers that are just $ off your purchase.  So it is good to be registered with your card for when they offer those promos!   Here are the two I am registered to: Cellfire Digital Coupons & SavingsStar Digital Coupons.


These are just some of the resources available!  You can find coupons also as peelies on the products themselves and tearpad coupons can be found oftern on a display as well as.  Also if companies have newsletters, sign up!  Often times they send out coupons with their newsletter either online or in the mail.   The key is that coupons for organic products do exist!  With the printable coupons, since they have limits, ask friends and family members who do not use coupons or organic products if they will print them for you!  Most are more than willing to help! 

This is just one aspect to saving when purchasing organically!  Next week will will touch on CSA programs!

10 thoughts on “8 Ways to Save on Organic Food Series-Part 1-Finding Coupons”

  1. This whole series is VERY useful! I always hear people say “use coupons,” but that is so vague and unhelpful! Thank you for sharing your insights on where to go as well as some of the details of how each site stands out.

    1. Thank-you Lynette! Couponing seems so difficult to some but the reality is with a little time it isn’t difficult at all.

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  6. Great post! I am a blogger over at Smart Living by Coupon Network and we get a lot of people interested in organic coupons. Something we are working on increasing offers for in 2012! Many people think they can’t use coupons because they shop organic, and you are helping to show people how! I look forward to the next entries in this series.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It seems like more and more organic coupons are starting to show up all over! I will be watching to post when Coupon Network has any organic coupons available!

    1. Thanks for visiting! I have found some really great sites from Blogelina! Tanya helped me maked the transfer to WordPress, now it is just figuring it all out! 🙂

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