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This post is brought to  you by Global Resort Homes.  Who gets in the car and drives across five states to Florida alone with three kids?  That would be me!  No, I am not crazy, let me explain why.  My brother, who lives in New York had planned a family vacation to come to Florida to bring his seven-year old daughter to Disney for the first time.  He called and asked if we would join him.  He and his wife Shannon have a daughter who is seven.  To be able to spend time with our family who live across the county and see Disney?  After some work, we managed to get in a car and head down.

Our original plan was to stay at Disney for a few days and then be joined by my Father and another sister and her family.  We priced the costs of the rooms and then thought about getting a rental we could all stay in.  We were traveling all the way to Florida to see my brother and his family (and Disney was just a perk!)

Between the families we would have five children that were under the age of seven.  If you have little ones you know traveling can be challenging with the noise!  Eating out can be fun for a few days but lets face it, it is expensive and can be difficult if your little ones are spent and the end of the day.  A rental just made sense!

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I had heard rave reviews of the homes (and kind people) at Global Resort Homes.  After looking into our options, it seemed like such a no-brainer.  The cost when divided up among the families would be extremely reasonable, we would have a kitchen to cook and have family bbqs, have our own pool to keep the kids entertained and best of all, we would be together but have our own space!

Once we knew which home would be ours during our stay, the kids became even more excited about our “new home.”  Our house has themed rooms that are perfect for the children, cars for the boys and a princess room for the girls.  We check in very soon and just can not wait!  Stay tuned for a review of our experience at Global Resort Homes!

Have you ever considered staying in a vacation home to have a home, away from home?

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