A Mother’s Letter of Love and Promises

While watching the episode of Parenthood tonight I couldn’t help but be overcome by emotion.  I have to say in the less than an hour I was overcome by such emotion.  I cried so deeply, it pulled strongly at my heart.  I was angry and sorely mad yet so thankful.

It Evoked Such Strong Emotions.

While I am not suffering from cancer nor battling for my life, it hit home in a way that I wasn’t expecting.  Having lost my own dear Mother prematurely I am at times overwhelmed by the emptiness of her not being here to be a part of my life, and my children’s lives.

Watching the recording of her heartfelt words to her children, to remind them how wonderful they are as individuals and how truly blessed she was to be their Mother was touching.   While I don’t have a video from my Mother, I do have her last words to me.  She made sure she was able to spend a little time with each of us during her last days one on one, it will always be very special.

Life is so short.  Life if full of expected joys and hardships.  Watching tv tonight reminded me just how fast life can change.  We can take so much for-granted just living life.  It isn’t about the things we have or what we have done when we look back that are the accomplishments of our lives, it is the memories.  The smiles, the tears, the laughter, the bubbles and giggles, the sparkle in their eyes-that is what life is about.

What would I have to say?

I am so guilty of being caught up in the everyday affairs of life to sometimes stop and cherish what I truly have.  Looking back at photos I realize that I have many of my children but very few with Hubby and myself in them.  I may not look the exact way I would like but I am only given this opportunity, this time, just once.  Today is today and tomorrow I can not repeat it.  I promise to make the most of each day, of the time we have now.  If my time were to be cut short, I would want you to look back on our memories and for me to be in them, no matter how many imperfections I think I have.

7 months pregnant with Adalynne

There will always be a list.  There will always be laundry.  There will always be…so many things that need to be done.  Today I promise to not focus so much on the many things that will always be and start focusing on what truly matters, you.  I try each day to be a good Mother, but I do get distracted along the way.  The little things that are so important to you, may seem at the time meaningless to me.  I promise to start taking the time to make them more important.

I promise to do all I can to always protect you keep you safe.  Though we may not always have an abundance, your Father and I will see that you have all you need.  I will always do my best to teach you right from wrong so you can make good, sound decisions in life.

The sea of the unending questions that seem to constantly flow, I do have to admit sometimes I tire of, I promise to do my very best to answer each of them.  I know I need to slow down when you ask me to look into your eyes when you speak to me.  (I know where you got that from!)  The eyes are the windows to your heart and soul and I want to be able to read their chapters like a book.  I want you to always share openly what is on your mind and in your heart.  You both have such good hearts so full of love, do not let anyone rob you of that.

Do good, always look for the good in others.  Look at the world with all its beauty as a gift, learn from it.  Never stop learning.  Always ask questions.  Be kind to one another.  Always take care of each other and look for each others interests.  Think of others first.  Love.  Love with all your heart.  Tell Daddy each and every day how much you love him.

Know that you are very beautiful but true beauty comes from within, always let your inner beauty shine. 

Focus on the positive no matter what life throws your way.  Never try to take on anything alone.  Lean on your family and brothers and sisters in the congregation for help.  God tells us he will not let us have more than what we can handle.  Take courage in that and know you are strong enough with his help to conquer what ever is thrown your way.  Always put him first and you will be taken care of.

Austin and Adalynne you are the laughter to my soul, the beat to my heart and forever the breathe of my life.  My world is a much brighter place because I was given the blessing to be your Mother.

Motherhood has its challenging moments, but the richest blessing I have ever been given is the privilege to be your Mother.


I will always take care of you, and forever will be your Mother.


8 thoughts on “A Mother’s Letter of Love and Promises”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that this made me cry @ work and it made me remember mom and her little quirks from her hand gestures when she was irritated down to her love of change. : ) She always did try to reach our hearts and always did and you follow in her footsteps very well. xoxo

  2. This was such a beautiful post to read and even though I don’t have children, it made me tear up. Thank you for the reminder to cherish the important things while we still can!

  3. This post was very sweet. And yes, there will always be things to do and sometimes it is hard to find the good in others. But if we look hard enough, we can. 🙂


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