A Week in Photos: Homestead Update

Some of these photos actually are from the few weeks. We added a total of 6 new baby chicks to our family on 4/4/12.  They were day old chicks and oh so cute.  As soon as we arrived home two acted like they were not going to make it, and unfortunately three didn’t make it in the first 24 hours.  It wasn’t really enough time for the children to become attached but it was so difficult for me because it was on the same day I lost my Mother a year ago.  I know that when you raise animals it happens and we hope to raise all of our own chicken in the future so I need to work on not being so attached.

Austin had picked out the little black one, and I was so relieved that he made it!  He was quickly named Shadow, from one of his favorite movies “Homeward Bound”.  He is so much smaller than the other two but cried so to be with the other two.  As soon as they would big enough they would fly from their box over to his.

One of my sisters goats had triplets and we went to see them when they were two days old!  They kids loved them, but Addie & Lady L were the most interested!  They boys started entertaining themselves in the little spring, fishing with sticks and leaves.  They were so cute and cuddly!  It is amazing how they jump around and wag their little tails just like puppies.

Here is mama making sure her little ones are able to nurse.  She was okay with us being around the babies but kept a close eye out.  They have been successfully milking her now after a week or so.

We added four more baby chicks, two brown and two black on 04/20/12.  They quickly became cozy with the other three.  They are not outside, rather in boxes inside our chicken house with a lamp, but we let out a few minutes a day.  They love it and follow my hubby around like he is a mama hen!   We again, tried to keep them separate to make sure the larger ones wouldn’t be an issue but they won’t stay separated and do really well.  They love bugs and worms, it is so funny to see little shadow stick up for himself and not let the larger two take his worm.

My children as very hands on with their animals and I love that the chicks don’t mind being handled.  Austin is so proud of his black, fuzzy footed Shadow.  Mama is proud he made it!

What can I say but how precious!  Addie named the two larger brown chicks “Sunshine” and the two smaller brown chicks “Cocoa”.  I hope at least one ends up being a female!  They look forward to going out every evening to feed and water the animals and plants.  I have so many other pics to share but we will wait for another day!

So is there anything new going on at your place this week?  Do your children love animals like mine do?

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