A Week in Photos-Homesteading Update

This last week was more than busy for us.  Everyday we were on the go away from the house, and long days at that.  We had beautiful weather and truly enjoyed it!  There seems to be so many more butterflies this year, or maybe it is just early?

We have two new additions to our homestead, bunnies!

Austin had to have a white bunny and quickly decided on his name, Snowball!

Adalynne wanted the only lonely brown one they had and can you guess what she decided to name her?  Chocolatte of course!  Her favorite thing in world!). 

The children have enjoyed feeding them everyday.  They both are very excited but Austin appreciates more that we are adding more animals to our family.  He asks when we are going to gets the pigs and goats?  I wish it were possible today, but we will have to be content with adding them slowly.

After a very long day in the van, the kids were rewarded with their first ice cream cone of the season!

Let me tell you, they enjoyed it immensely, can’t you tell?  We sat outside (thank-goodness) and enjoyed watching people walk-by, watched the fish in the little pond and enjoyed listening to the birds sing.

The kids had a play time with their cousins while we divided our Azure order and enjoyed each other so much.

My wild roses started blooming-in MARCH!

Our baby peach tree is full of tiny peaches about the size of a dime!  So many that we will have to thin them out.  How is that for craziness!

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