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Welcome, I’m Amanda and am so glad you are here!  I am a country girl at heart, wife to my best friend (2003), mama of four amazing kiddos (2008, 2009, 2013 & 2015), daughter, sister and aunt of many.  I am the master mess maker and glue gun lover in our home.  Lists are my friends and one of my weaknesses is good dark chocolate.


Blogging has been a journey, one I began in 2010.  I have learned that not all journeys have an easy route.  Over the years my blog has evolved as life did and we are in a great spot now.

Our Homemade Life has become a place where I share bits and pieces of our lives.  You can expect to find stories of everyday living with four children, the messes we have cooked up in the kitchen to feed the family or messes made  during our science in the kitchen learning.  We love to share about our adventures we are blessed to take and tips for large family who travel on budgets.  Having fun creating is a part of life that I am excited to share with my children and often those projects can be found on the blog.

Meet the Family

I am a wife of fourteen years to a wonderful man and father.  Through our journey together, we have been blessed with four children; Austin (2008), Addie (2009), Bethany (2013) and our second bonus baby, Caleb (11-2015).  I can’t imagine living a single day without their smiles!  There is nothing like seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

Bryan – aka DoItYourselfDaddy is my main man; we’ve been married 15 years.  In the winter of 2016 he launched his own blog,  I am over the moon that he joined me on this crazy blogging adventure.  He loves the outdoors, building things, great jokes and teaching his kids new things.  If he doesn’t know how to do something, he is the type that can pretty quickly figure it out.  You can follow him on social media at @DIYDaddySocial.

Austin – My budding scientist and engineer with a heart of gold.  He loves to dissect things to see how they work and builds anything he can imagine.  His favorite book is the Usborne Science Encyclopedia.  He loves to travel, see new places, meet new friends and have adventures.  He is my thrill seeker and has tackled the biggest roller coasters, water slides and even ziplined across a lake!

My Disney Princess Dressed Up Like Rapunzel

Addie – My princess in every sense, Addie loves to sing and dance.  She is light-hearted and loves to smile.  She can role-play all day and is the best little mom.  Her favorite color is green and her dolls are like her dearest friends.  She loves adventures and is always asking to return to Disney.  When not talking about our next adventure she loves watching others on YouTube.


Miss B – Has a mind of her own and independence as strong as it comes.  She keeps us on our toes, is full of love and has a contagious bubbly spirit.  Her favorite color is pink, she loves all stuffed animals and carries them with her wherever she goes.  She dances and sings daily and loves to be the start of the show.  More often than not she will be dressed up as a princess or flying around as Buzz Lightyear.

little man in his diono seat on a road trip

Caleb – My baby boy with his bright blue eyes and toothy grin.  He has been a bonus baby in every possible way.  With a few sounds he can beckon all his siblings to his side.  He loves to dance and twirl with his big sister.  He calls for his bubba to come play as soon as he is awake.  He is currently digging avocados, cookies and toys that he can take apart and put back together.

My Passions

Gardening is my zen, there is just something about having your hands in the dirt and watching things grow.  I love to garden and watch things grow.  Crafting is my creative outlet, especially when I can repurpose or upcycle items.  I love to give items a new life!  Especially clothing that I can rework and make new again.  I love to cook & bake from scratch…and eat, yes eating is a fine art I feel I have mastered quite well.  I am always dreaming of taking our family on our next adventure!

My true loves are my beautiful blessings.  I love spending time with my family and watching my children make new discoveries each and everyday.  It has always been my heart’s desire is to be a stay at home mom so that I don’t miss anything!  Blogging has helped me be able to make that a reality.

Traveling & Where We Call Home

We love traveling and seeing new places, as well as old favorites (aka WALT DISNEY WORLD).  My children, even though young, love to travel and have high hopes of traveling the world but we plan to really get to know the States first.

Our travel agenda for 2018 is currently:

March – Orlando, Florida

April/May – Road trip to New York and into Niagara Falls

June – Explore Arkansas + dig for diamonds @ Crater of Diamonds State Park

July – Charleston, SC + Atlantic Coast

August/September – Out West – Yellowstone/Tetons

As we plan the fall and winter months, our heart’s desire is to take a trip out west to visit some of the National Parks.  Plans have yet to be put into motion as we dream of where to decide to go.  We hope 2018 is the year we travel by car, train and possibly RV to see more of the States.  We are firm believers that the destination is the journey.

I was born in Arkansas and after living in four states, I returned back to Arkansas in 2004 with my husband to once again call it home.  Our roots have since grown deep with the expansion of our family.


We started talking about homeschooling long before it was time to start school.  Each family that makes the decision to homeschool has their reasons, but for us it was just a good fit.  We dove head first into our homeschooling adventure the very week Miss B was born, literally!  It has been an adventure in so many ways but to see that spark ignite when the connection is made is priceless, worth every moment of struggle.

This year we will officially have two in school and are heading into our 5th year of homeschooling.  Their passion for learning keeps me inspired.  We love hands on learning and fully believe STEAM education is the best way to keep that spark growing.


Time is precious and is fleeting, there is often not enough.  To that I wish to say an earnest, Thank-you!

Thank-you for taking a few minutes of your day to stop by to chat with me or simply read about our homemade life.  I hope these tidbits give you a little glimpse into my life and the one who is behind the blog.

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