Accepting the Messes

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Master mess makers, that what I call my family, myself included. We love to work on projects, cook and bake and create. There is always a wake left behind.

I’m ever so thankful that my two oldest children are now of an age that they are helping to care for big chores, sometimes even on their own. My daughter finds the greatest joy is surprising me that she has done the dishes or swept and cleaned the floor. She has such a golden heart. My oldest is fantastic about helping with the little ones, trying to teach them to pickup after themselves or doing it himself. In the thick of the most days, I appreciate all the help I can get.

Even though life is messy, I wouldn’t change it.

Business keeps us focused on tasks so many days, I’m working hard on making sure the two youngest still get to have fun and be creative. When I think back to this age with my two oldest, we did so many hands-on crafts and experiments. With four children, I’m finding it to be more challenging, but determined to make sure they still have plenty of creative time. They need plenty of time with mom being creative.

Instead of planning elaborate crafts, we often turn to simple things. Miss B loves to practice with scissors and glue things together, Caleb loves to draw (aka scribble) and they both love to paint. Paint in any form is so much fun! Watercolors are our favorite. It’s amazing how their little brains can find images and shapes in almost any painting. After our paintings are complete, they spend time telling me about them, today Miss B painted Mickey Mouses’ Clubhouse and she did a phenomenal job! Caleb painted the Happily Ever After Fireworks from Disney.

watercolor painting

It’s great for the imagination and with the right helper, clean-up is a breeze! Our table has been the perfect place for crafts for many years and is starting to show its age. After painting, I simply wipe the table with Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers. These 15% thicker antibacterial wipes hold more cleaning power with dual-sided blue fibers to reinforce the wipe and scrub of tough messes. The dual-sided cleaning action also makes them suitable and safe to use on an array of kitchen and bathroom surfaces. I love the feeling of a real cloth while getting the disinfecting power of Clorox®.

Having Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers in the kitchen allows for easy clean-up after meal prep, baking, cooking or creative crafting. They allow me peace of mind to let the children help me in the kitchen or to tackle any creative mess we may make.

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80 thoughts on “Accepting the Messes”

  1. My daughter drew what she called a storm with a black crayon on the wall. Needless to say it took a lot of scrubbing but it came off. 🙂

  2. Anywhere my daughter is there is a mess. She is a teen and still spills makeup everywhere. The wipes could help with this.

  3. elizabeth miller

    One of my messiest was when my daughter got sick and threw up all over the wall and the carpet. Clorox wipes clened it all and left my wall sanirized and clean without removing my paint.

  4. Last summer we were headed to a BBQ at a friends house. We were suppose to bring the baked beans. Got everything made up only to have it accidentally get dropped on my back seat when someone was getting it outta the car. Definitely was a messy situation!

  5. I could have used these wipes when my kids eat ice cream cones in the car. They look like they work really well.

  6. I have a pug, a toddler and a husband. I think I need clorox wipes everyday of my life, especially when my husband cooks us dinner.

  7. Christina Gould

    I’ve had to many messes to count. I could have used the wipes last time I spilled my soda all over the floor, example. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Just today while cooking dinner! I hit a spoon that was sitting in a soy sauce mix and it filled sending soy sauce all over my kitchen!

  9. I didn’t have the blender top on tight enough so it came off and chocolate milk went all over the kitchen.

  10. Christine Gioiosa

    I use clorox wipes on just about everything. From cleaning up spills in the kitchen to cleaning up after the pets.

  11. Barbara Montag

    One of the grand kids dropped their yogurt parfait.
    The wipes would have been so handy then.
    thank you

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