Add Some Sparkle to Your Life With Diamond Candles

I have always loved candles.  I love that they can create a great smelling aroma, they are relaxing and of course create great ambiance.  I received a box with a very delicious smelling candle inside!

Diamond Candles are truly special candles if you are looking for a gift!  They are not just an ordinary candle, they are a candle with a very special sparkle placed inside!  You see, each candle has a ring inside that is valued from $10-$5,000!  Can you imagine purchasing a candle and finding a ring worth $100 let alone $500 or $5,000?

Diamond Candles are made right here in the US, in Durham, North Carolina actually.  They are made using 100% Soy wax that does not contain any petroleum-based waxes.  I do love how the candles smell, I wish however that the same effect could be obtained without the use of fragrances and using essential oils instead.

I received the Honeydew Mellon which retails for $24.95. I love that it is in a nice glass jar with a lid that can be re-used again.  They mark each and every candle with where your ring is placed.  We are working our way down to see what is included in our jar!  Once you reach your marked point, then you can reach in, obviously with something other than your finger and pull out a small package.  You will find your sparkle inside!

Is there someone you would like to surprise with a little sparkle?  Why not give Diamond Candles a try!  You can find out more about their creative soy candles online, and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.  If you are new to Diamond Candles, be sure to check out the video below.

Diamond Candles has so graciously offered to provide one of my readers a candle of their choice!  Come back on 7/3/12 to enter to win our Unique Gifts giveaway!

I was provided with a Diamond Candle to conduct my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  No other compensation was received. 


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