All Those, It’s All Worth It Moments

Being a mom is hard.  It is the toughest job I have ever undertaken, but It’s All Worth It!  There isn’t a better job in the world, or a harder one.  I have four reasons every day to get out of bed, four reasons to stay in bed and cuddle, four reasons to smile and laugh everyday, and four reasons to have my heart full of love (well five really including Hubby).

Miss B Dumbo
This past weekend we were so excited to spend it at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. At the end of last year we purchased season passes in hopes to travel north a few times over the summer. This was our second trip in a month. It is an amazing park to make family memories. Miss B wasn’t tall enough to ride everything she wanted, but that didn’t stop her from riding everything she could! She has no fear and will be on the rollercoasters as soon as she can. Until then, her little heart and big smiles were so excited that she could ride The Marching Elephats….aka Dumbo. She loved giggling and laughing with her arms outstretched as we pretended to fly through the air.

The girls and I laughed and giggled so many times as we rode rides waiting for the boys to get their fill of the “big-boy” rides as they called them. The flying bugs were also a favorite of the girls. The ride required an adult for Miss B to ride but the seats are for a 4′ tall person, so I smiled and laughed at myself and all the other parents sitting sideways in the back seats so our babies could enjoy the ride. It truly didn’t matter that it wasn’t comfortable, it was one of those, “It’s All Worth It” moments.

Austin Outlaw Run

It is so hard to believe that this little man who was my 4 pound preemie, is now my daredevil. There wasn’t a single ride he didn’t want to take on. He and Daddy were quite the pair, riding all the thrill rides they could fit in. A few he even had to talk Daddy into, but once they rode them, they rode again and again. I couldn’t have been prouder of him to be brave enough to want to try everything…including the biggest and fastest Outlaw Run!

Addie Roo

There are moments when you look at your children and think to yourself, where did my baby go? I had one of those moments this weekend. My little Addie who is afraid of everything came out of her cocoon, emerging with BIG beautiful butterfly wings ready to fly. She rode her first kids rollercoaster, then rode it again and again. After a few more big kid rides that I was floored she rode, she insisted she was ready for one of the big rollercoasters! Not only did she ride it, but the second time she rode it with her arms in the air! I was so proud of her for conquering her fears and having fun.

Caleb James
And my little guy, well he rode the carousel over and over again. He even rode the jumping frogs with his big sister Miss B. He was such a happy champ all weekend. It was his first real outing that involved several longs days and he was such a happy guy. When he would get a little fussy it was usually that he was ready to nap or wanted to be fed.

Since he recently started eating fruits and vegetables, he thinks he needs to eat whenever we do. He is no longer content with strictly nursing, and now grabs at our food. I try to always stay prepared with Gerber Organic baby food while I am out and about. He is one happy baby while he is being fed and I love to be able to provide him with organic foods I can trust. Even after three babies, I forget just how much fun it is to try out new foods, to see the silly faces as they explore new tastes and textures. These are definitely one of those, “It’s All Worth It” moments!

Even on the hardest of days, I spend my moments before I go to sleep thanking our heavenly Father for my four blessings. Even on the most challenging of days, I have so many moments that make being a mother all worth it. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

What was one of your “It’s All Worth It” moments this week?

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