Allergen Friendly Snacks: Lundberg Family Farms

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allergen friendly snacks

We have dealt with food allergies in our family for the last eight years.  Long story short, my second child was a very unhappy baby until we were able to pinpoint that she had a dairy allergy.  It was such a struggle for me to figure out how to change my own diet, as I was nursing her.  If I ate anything that contained even a small amount of dairy, it affected her very quickly, and it was severe.  My third and fourth children were born with the same allergy but it was much easier to deal with as we had it all under control.

After spending a great deal of April in the hospital this year with both girls, we left with the conclusion that they had a gluten allergy also.  Back to learning the ins and outs, again.  Their little tummy’s are much happier and they haven’t been getting sick nearly as often over the summer.  When my first was diagnosed with a dairy allergy, I was determined to be able for her to still enjoy all the amazing foods that were available.  I didn’t ever want her to feel left out or feel like she was missing out because she was different.  So that meant I spent time finding brands that made products that were safe for her or figured out how to make them myself.

Allergen Friendly Snacks

One of the brands we have grown to love is Lundberg Family Farms.  They are a company committed to creating delicious, high quality products in a way that doesn’t impact the earth with their farming practices.  Simply put, they create great food with healthy ingredients we love.  We have been fans of their rice products for years, and all my kids, including the soon to be two year old love their caramel rice cakes.  Yep, they are that good.  So when I heard about their new Red Rice & Quinoa Tortilla Chips, I was so excited to let the girls try them out.

What did we think?

Dad and Austin claimed the Aged White Cheddar, French Onion and Ancho Chile bags.  The French Onion were Austin’s favorite.  He was sold only two chips in.  And when the bag was empty, asked when would I be getting more!  The Aged White Cheddar were dad’s favorite, but again, he enjoyed them all.  The Ancho Chile wasn’t as spicy as expected, but there is a little kick after you finish your chips.  They had a great flavor.

Since the girls could safely eat the Cinnamon Sugar and Pink Himalayan Salt bags, they laid their claim.  They decided to try the Cinnamon Sugar first (sweet tooth anyone?) and loved them.  I was able to sneak two chips from the bag and can say they weren’t overly sweet, just a hint of sweetness with a delicious crisp.  The Pink Himalayan Salt was just what you would expect, a delicious tortilla chip with a great crunch and just enough salt.

It was a sad day when we ate the last of the bag, each and every one.  Sometimes I feel guilty giving my children chips because they don’t offer much in the way of nutrition, even when organic.  The Red Rice & Quinoa Tortilla Chips are made with great attention to the ingredients put into the chip.  They are organic, gluten free, allergy friendly (some have dairy), non-GMO, vegan and kosher.  Lots of goodness!

We were ecstatic to find another delicious, allergen friendly snack the kids love!

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