Sustainable Heirloom Flavors with Alter Eco Foods #ngfoodie

Alter Eco is a name you may not have heard of before.  Let me be the one to personally introduce you.  Alter Eco is a sustainably focused company that offers Quinoa, Sugar, Chocolate and Rice representing some of the finest of the world’s sustainably sourced flavors.

As a company they are focused on sustainable sourced heirloom grains and minimal processing so you can receive the most nutrient rich flavors and textures.



Alter Eco’s cacao beans take quite a journey.  They are taken from organic trees in the Peruvian Amazon and Ecuadorian Coast and journey to the base of the Andes Mountains, where they are transformed from beans into some of the world’s finest cocoa products. When they reach their final destination in Switzerland, expert chocolatiers craft the cocoa into the unique Alter Ego bars.

With flavors of Dark Quinoa, Dark Velvet, Dark Coconut Toffee and seven other chocolate varieties, there is something to please every chocolate lover’s taste buds.

As if we need an excuse to eat delicious, rich chocolate, did you know that studies have shown that dark chocolate can contribute to lower blood pressure, overall heart health and cancer prevention.

Chocolate has always been considered precious even when it wasn’t being eaten!   Cacao seeds were even used as a form of Aztec money.  (I prefer to eat it rather than spend it!)


Rainbow Quinoa - Alter Eco ©Since the focus is one heirloom grains, you can find Royal Pearl, Royal Rainbow and Royal Red varieties in the line from Alter Eco.  Quinoa is a pearl shaped grain that is nutrient rich and has been cultivated for over 4,000 years.  Quinoa is actually an edible seed related to beets, spinach and tumbleweeds but is high in protein, minerals and antioxidants.

Have you ever tied Quinoa?  We think it is delicious!




Purple Rice - Alter Eco ©What is special about rice you may ask?  Here in the US many families only cook with white or brown rice.  Jasmine rice may be thrown in occasionally but for the most part this is what we know.  There are so many beautiful and delicious heirloom rice available that many of us have never tried or even heard of.  Alter Eco proud to help save, share and savor several native heirloom grains such as the  famously fragrant polished grains of Hom Mali Jasmine to the Khao Deng Mekong Ruby and the Thai Sticky Purple Rice.

Rice is a very important staple to many parts of the world.  For half the world’s population, rice makes up half of their daily calorie intake.  Although rice is grown here in Arkansas, most people do not realize that 90% of the world’s rice is grown by small-scale farmers in Asia.  Alter Eco searches out these small farmers that use organic methods and grow their rice sustainably.


Mascobado Cane Sugar - Alter Eco ©What type of sugar do you use?  Again most in the US use stripped white cane sugar or brown sugar.  This is what we are accustomed to and many don’t realize that the sugar, although sweet has been stripped of its nutrients while going through the processes of becoming white sugar.  Who says sugar is supposed to be white anyways?  It doesn’t start out that way!   The process it goes through to become white is actually disgusting.  If you are interested, Google “how does sugar bleach white cows” and you will find your answer.

The Mascabado Cane Sugar is traditional unrefined sugar that retains the essence of the lush fields it came from, with rich, nuanced flavor, hints of vanilla and molasses, and all the nutrients and minerals of the Philippines’ native sugar cane.

Get  Your Own Alter Eco

You can visit Alter Eco’s site to locate their products at a store near you!  Be sure to connect with this ethically conscious team that supports sustainable living on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Win Alter Eco Goodies!

I am so excited that Alter Eco will be one of the sponsors in the upcoming Noise Girls Fall Foodie Event beginning on October 1st.  Be sure you come back to enter as there will be great prize packages full of yummy goodies!

I will be receiving Alter Eco products  to review.  All opinions expressed are, as always 100% my own and those of my family.

26 thoughts on “Sustainable Heirloom Flavors with Alter Eco Foods #ngfoodie”

  1. Purple rice? That sounds just crazy, but then again we use rice in desserts! 🙂 The toffee chocolate is at the top of my list!

  2. Have a recipe for quinoa bread but no quinoa! So much buzz about this product, I’d like to try it. I’m thinking bread is a great way to introduce it to our diets (we’re not really cold salad fans).

  3. there are so many things i like here. first off, i like that the products are organic and good for you. so many snacks are bad for the body but yours are good and they look like they taste awesome!! id love to try some and will definately be back here!! i love all the inf listed for each product too.
    🙂 thanks 🙂
    anne l

  4. krista grandstaff

    Yet another great site you have exposed us to…yay! I have been on there peeping around… fascinating stuff 🙂 Thanks for the share!!!

  5. That chocolate sounds really good, and you know that if the Swiss have a hand in it, it’s got to be good chocolate! Thanks for the info!

  6. Everything sounds great…espicially the quinoa. Anything with quinoa is a gift. The Dark Velvet Chocolate mentioned in the chocolate post sounds scrumptious.

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