Just Begin : April 2014 Goals

One day last week Bryan said to me, “I am not sure which way is up or which is down right now.”  That sums up most of my month of March.

March was a busy month and then we just happen to come down with a rather vicious and need I say relentless stomach bug.  It started with Austin, moved on to myself, Bryan and then Addie.  The baby was the only one who has, so far, remained well.  I am so thankful for that.


For most of us, we were able to recover in a few days, but it was just to harsh for Addie’s little body.  Despite our best efforts, she needed to be hospitalized.  It is such a scary and helpless feeling to see your child struggle so much and be able to do so little about it.  It was an eventful three days; to say that she was happy to come home was quite the understatement.  Now we get to spend the next few weeks trying to help her completely recover.

With that, April’s goals are going to be a bit less aggressive and more about quality.   Here is an update as to where I stand for March’s goals:

  1. Blog a minimum of three times a week. – Didn’t hit the mark but will continue working on it.
  2. Create a loose blogging schedule for 2014. – Drafted this and still needs tweaking but happy with the progress.
  3. De-clutter and organize all winter/summer clothing. – Working on this!  Got through all the summer clothing and working on winter.
  4. Create spreadsheets to track the children’s clothing.
  5. Take one field trip with the children. – Went to the zoo.
  6. Teach the children one new song. – YAY!  We did this 🙂
  7. Read the Bible daily with the children. – Ongoing
  8. Write 4 love notes to Hubby. – Only wrote two
  9. Write 4 cards to friends/relatives. – Only wrote two
  10. Visit 2 elderly or homebound friends/relatives. – Only visited one


Goals for April 2014

  1. Blog minimum of three times a week.
  2. Upgrade the look of the blog, hosting and technical side of the blog.
  3. Purge winter clothing – can’t wait!
  4. Write four handwritten cards to friends/relatives.
  5. Visit one homebound/ill friend.
  6. Organize craft/work space.
  7. Teach the children one new song.
  8. Read the Bible daily with the children.

What are your goals for the month of April?

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